Hazel in Maryland- ADOPTED!!

Hazel is home! She was adopted by an awesome new mom and dad. She also has a human brother and two doggie siblings. Her forever family has experience with brachycephalic breeds and rescue dogs which is great for Hazel. She is also allowed to sleep in her parents’ bed which she loves. Congrats to Hazel and her new family!

Thank you all for the wonderful ovation! Yes, the rumors are true. I’m available for adoption!


For those of you who have not been following me in the press, my full name is Miss Hazel. I’m a bubbly, dog loving, couch hogging, always up for a short jog, done raising kids, high zest for life kinda gal!


Since all my kids left the nest (I have had numerous past litters), I’m enjoying starting my days with a full-on downward dog yoga stretch to get my juices flowin’ for my zoomies which lead to my endless new-found love of couch divebombing! Weeee!!!


Speaking of being an empty nester, I do rather enjoy a quieter setting. Loud places remind me of the old days with all my kids around and I’m glad this is in the rearview mirror for me now! I realize I don’t really like things to be loud and chaotic (makes me nervous!), and I am not very noisy myself…I actually very rarely bark. I do enjoy human children while I go on walks, though (and even don’t mind seeing some cats). I prefer long walks. Those walks turn me into a couch potato. I sure do enjoy the freedom of a walk or even a jog. I even enjoy other humans’ fur children, including my foster sibling. I wasn’t sure at first about the whole leash/collar look but I’m used to it now. It’s like socks with sandals - don’t knock it until you try it.


I will admit that I need someone that can put me on a schedule and be patient with “reminding” me that it is time to go outside (hopefully for one of those aforementioned walks!). I didn’t need to be housetrained where I came from so it’s a bit of a new mindset for me. I’m doing my best with just a couple accidents in my crate. I’m not a big fan of a crate but I will go in it and hang out if need be. I prefer your bed…. I mean, our bed.


I wasn’t really used to car rides either before coming to my foster home. Those are weird. I just picture Sammy Hagar singing “I can’t drive 55.” Same Sammy. Same. I usually calm down after about 15 minutes. Long enough to get that song out of my head (which I know you all just sang to yourselves).


Just a bit of info about my medical history as I am generally a healthy gal. So, I do have this small bump on my back left toe, but it has been looking much better since my foster dad has been putting Panalog ointment on it. I also had swelling and pain at my vaccination site. It resolved in a day but I thought I would mention it so my new family is aware that this could happen next time I get my vaccines. Lastly, you should know that my spay was more difficult given the numerous c-sections I had and briefly after, I had some fecal incontinence. However, this has resolved. Thank goodness!


I’m off to get pampered and maybe let the wind run through my ears. Hopefully my next press release will be one with my new last name!


Until then….Ciao!