Heidi in Maryland- ADOPTED!!

We have some very exciting news…Ms. Heidi is ready to find her forever home!!


Heidi is a 1.75-year-old girl who is healthy other than luxating patellas that are likely grade 1. She did come into rescue 5lbs overweight but with the help of her foster mom has steadily lost weight.


She would love a home with another small dog(s), but big dog siblings are off the table for Heidi. She hasn’t had many interactions with dogs outside of her foster home but gets along well with the two small resident dogs. She has not shown aggression with food or toys but did try to steal one of the resident dog’s food once or twice. With correction, this was easily corrected. She also needs a home with no children. She is still learning boundaries and can be quite rambunctious.


She is tolerant of baths and face and ear cleanings. She is also very active but likes to snooze on the couch with her person as well. She enjoys long walks in cool weather and loves to run and play in her foster home’s fenced yard and with the resident dogs. She loves dog beds, toys, and yak bones and will carry her bones and toys around with her.


Heidi does well in her crate and will sit quietly in it even if other people and dogs are around. In general, she is quite quiet and only barks occasionally. She will walk and potty on her leash but does pull a bit so will require more training on leash walking. She is still submissive with strangers but is very sweet. She is also timid in new situations and places, but we are certain that with time this will improve.


She needs some work on manners. She likes to gnaw on her foster mom, as well as jump on her, when excited. She also always wants to be the center of attention and will push the resident dogs out of the way if they are getting love and she is not. With corrections and positive reinforcement, we expect her to improve in these areas. However, she would benefit from some formal obedience training and an experienced dog owner (and rescue experience too) is preferred.


Heidi has been pretty good at pottying outside, but she is not yet 100% trained. She has never soiled her crate and currently sleeps all night in her crate. She has had a couple of accidents in the house but if her needs are anticipated and she is taken out right after meals and spending time in her crate, she goes outside very consistently.


Heidi would be happiest in a home where someone is home during the day with her. She also would love a small dog companion. She will make her adoptive family very happy, but the family will need to be committed to understanding her behaviors and working with her on continued training.


She is such a sweet spirit and has tons of love to give. She is very affectionate and will make a wonderful addition to her forever home. If you feel you could be it, please apply!