Henry in Alabama— ADOPTED!!

Henry has been adopted by a wonderful couple who is retired and can be home all day with him. He not only has awesome new parents; he also has a new doggie sister who is older in age like Henry. Henry already is very spoiled and loved...and has made himself right at home! We couldn’t be happier that he has found such a great forever family!


Henry is a handsome 9-year-old gentleman who is ready to find his forever home! He was surrendered because he was no longer receiving the time and attention he needed and deserved after his previous owners divorced. Henry is currently residing in Alabama with his foster parents, human children, other doggies, and cats. He has been getting along well with all residents in his foster home.


Henry suffers from allergies, but they are maintained with prescription food and a weekly shot that can be given at home. He is only partially housebroken. He lets his foster family know when he needs to go outside to potty and if they’re not home, he uses his potty pads inside. However, he has had a few small accidents when the family was not paying full attention. Also, with his increasing age, his foster family has found where he has left a few dribble spots from when he got excited. It may be that he will need to wear a belly band in the future.


He has shown no aggression issues towards the humans in the house. He takes treats and allows them to move his food bowl without issues. However, he has been a little growly with his foster doggie sibling when she has come too close to him while he was enjoying one of his treats. His foster family feeds all pups separately in the home so it would be best for this to continue in his adoptive home.


He has no preference regarding his adoptive home having a fenced yard. However, he would prefer if someone could be home all day with him or at least provide him with a midday potty break. Henry is crate trained, leash trained and knows the command sit.


Henry is mostly a laid-back couch potato, but he has been known to clown around a little with his foster brother who is also a French Bulldog. They love to chase each other around for a few minutes at a time and then it's right back to lounging for this old guy. He has been able to run off his bigger foster sister, though, who at times likes to try to start trouble by growling at him.


Henry loves the sun so when he goes out to potty while the sun is out, you can likely catching him sitting and soaking up some vitamin D for a few minutes before he's ready to come back in. He has a couple things that he likes to chew on occasionally: a bully stick and an antler. He LOVES to hang out on the couch with his humans...right next to them or even in their lap. When his people come into a room, Henry shows his excitement by hopping at them like a bunny while wearing a big smile. He also LOVES giving kisses whenever he can.


Henry would appreciate a slower lifestyle where he can live out his remaining years...a home where his humans will let him sit next to them while watching their favorite TV shows. His new humans will need to understand that he's a fragile, little gentleman who cannot be left to jump off of a couch, chair or bed, because it could hurt his back.


Henry is the sweetest little man who will win anybody over with his big beautiful brown eyes. He is going to make his forever family thankful that they found him. If you feel you could be his forever family, please apply.