Hobbs in Texas- ADOPTED!!

Hobbs is home! He has found a wonderful forever family. He has a new mom and dad who totally adore him already. His new family has Frenchie experience so we know that they will be knowledgeable to any issues that may arise with him. Hobbs is an only dog, so he is getting all the attention and has the fenced yard he really wanted. Way to go Hobbs! You found your perfect home.

He is a 1.5-year-old male who was surrendered by his loving family when they were sadly given the diagnosis of a disease that required a lot of their focus and time. Hobbs is a healthy guy with no ongoing health issues. He is housebroken but does still mark some in the house. With consistency in training and his recent neuter, there is hope that this will lessen. He also does not like to be outside alone and requires that his person join him when he goes outside to potty. If you don’t, he will stare at you through the window giving you puppy dog eyes to make you feel terrible for not joining him.


Hobbs is crate trained, but he is not leash trained. He also has a high energy level and the potential to bolt out doors. When he comes out of his crate, he will bolt and wait by the backyard door to be let out. For these reasons, a fenced yard is required.


He likes to do zoomies and jump very high (usually in attempts to get over objects such as gates) which for Frenchies can be problematic given their predisposition to IVDD. He will need a home who will work with him on limiting the jumping to help prevent any future spine issues. He also will need a family who will take an active role in helping him expend his energy…providing him with walks and lots of playtime with various toys. He would benefit from participating in basic training as well. He is still very much a puppy and is eager to learn new things.


Hobbs gets along with other dogs but at first was a little standoffish with larger dogs. With slow introductions, he quickly realized that they were just taller versions of himself. He has shown no food aggression but is a bit possessive of toys. However, to avoid being bothered when he has a chew toy, he will just relocate to a solitary location to make sure he has it all to himself. Hobbs has also shown no issues getting along with kids from 9 months up to the teens. He is actually quite the social butterfly, greeting everyone with a nose boop to the hand, leg or face depending on their height.


Currently, his favorite thing is an antler that he gets when supervised. He really loves a good chew toy! He also LOVES to explore and play! He is a man on the go. He has little time for lap cuddles and couch potato-ing. He prefers to spend his time checking out his surroundings and playing with his doggie friends. He can be a bit mischievous so having a doggie friend in the house would help occupy his time, but a doggie sibling is not required.


Although Hobbs is a busy bee, if you find the right scratch spot, he will sit next to you as long as you are willing to keep the pets coming. He is a giant teddy bear and deserves to live the rest of his life to the fullest with a forever family who will provide him with lots of attention and love…as well as some training and a lot of activity!