Holly in California- ADOPTED!!

Holly is right where she belongs! She was adopted by an amazing mom who loves her dearly. She is an only dog, so she gets lots of attention and is very spoiled. Holly’s mom has experience with the Frenchie breed as well as with other breeds of dogs. She has had dogs all her life, so she has a lot of knowledge when it comes to dogs. We are absolutely thrilled for Holly that she has found such a great forever home!

Good Golly! Would ‘ya look at Miss Holly! This adorable 8-month-old puppy is available to find her forever home!


Miss Holly came to us after she was surrendered due to a hernia and an anal prolapse. After several procedures including a spay, numerous purse string procedures, hernia repair and a colopexy, she’s ready for her next chapter!


Holly has a few medical needs. She is currently on WET GI FOOD [HILLS SCIENCE I/D and PURINA EN (both canned, wet food)] to help keep her stool soft and avoid another prolapse. She may need to be on this for the rest of her life. She’s also on probiotics to help her tummy keep things “moving along.” Sometimes she regurgitates her food, so management of this will be needed. She requires small meals throughout the day to prevent her stomach from staying empty too long, and she requires elevated, slow feeders to prevent her from eating too quickly. She has also been known to eat her poo, so it’s best if she’s supervised when outside and a quick pick up is done.


Holly has an enlarged heart and will need to be monitored regularly. She also has a bad kneecap that gives her a bit of a limp. It’s been recommended that she have this surgically repaired when she is full grown.


Now that all the heavy stuff is out of the way, you need to know Miss Holly likes all humans, big and small. She likes small dogs too. She’s not a fan of cats, so it would be best if her new home was kitty free.


She’s a bit of an athlete mixed with a touch of couch potato and kiss giver! She also needs to know where you are in the house, at all times. Sometimes she plays so hard that she forgets that she needs to go outside to pee and poo. She will go on pee pads but like all puppies, it’s best to keep an eye on her and remind her it’s time to go outside.  She still wakes up a couple times a night for potty breaks. She also goes immediately after eating her meals.


She doesn’t mind her crate but does prefer to be out of it. She’s your typical curious puppy and has been known to get into things or even nibble on things when no one is looking! She absolutely loves walks. She’s learning not to pull on the leash but is just so excited! For this reason and her curiosity potentially leading to her wandering off, she will need a fenced in yard.


Holly’s ideal home would be to have someone home the majority of the day to help with frequent meals and potty breaks. Also, someone who is willing to help this little nugget with her GI issues and keep an eye on her heart. She’s also a fan of sunbathing and tennis ball fetching so a home that will help her keep up with these hobbies would be perfect!