Hula in California— ADOPTED!!

Hula has been adopted, and we couldn’t be more excited for her and her forever family! Hula has a new mom, dad and Pug sister. She and her Pug sister are similar in age so they will have the opportunity to grow old together. We hope that this wonderful, new family has many years together and shares many fond memories. Please join us in congratulating them!

Who’s ready for some Puppy!  Hula is now available for adoption.  She was surrendered at 11 weeks old due to a positive parvovirus diagnosis.  Thanks to her foster home nurturing her back to health, she is now a healthy 8-month-old.  The only issue noted by her foster family is her sensitivity to oral flea prevention.


Hula loves everyone and everything; however, we are unsure how she would do living with cats and birds.  She is extremely friendly and confident.  Hula is outgoing and active but enjoys cuddling as well.  She loves playing with adult dogs and puppies alike….just so long as they want to play back. Hula can be pushy and pesty towards older, less active dogs, so active younger dogs are better for her.  She also prefers dogs her size…the bigger ones can be intimidating to her.  Hula would do best being provided a moderate amount of exercise, spread out throughout the day, in her forever home.


She really enjoys playing chase, racetrack, wrestle mania, keep-away, and other Frenchie friendly sports.  Hula loves Zippy Paws miniature squeaky toys, soft Nylabones, tug-o-war toys, and anything that squeaks or makes noise.  Hula loves the hose, too.  She will share both food and toys freely but if it is something that she wants, she will turn it into a game of chase and won’t give up easily.  If another animal in the home is possessive, this could lead to a fight.  She is also still a mouthy puppy so she would do best in a home with older, dog savvy children.


She is still learning her puppy manners and must be watched so that she doesn’t get into mischief.  She will chew up almost anything.  Ideally, Hula would love a home where there is someone home during the day or there is another dog to play with her.  She can be mischievous and does not do well at all in a crate (she hates to be crated!!!), so things must be put away if she’s home alone.  Because she’s barky and howls a lot, apartment living is probably not suitable unless the neighbors are hard of hearing.


Hula is still working on her house breaking skills.  She will usually potty outside or on a pee pad, but she has also been known to sneak a poop in her foster mom’s bathroom and pee on towels left on the floor.  She requires a fenced yard and really enjoys being able to sunbathe and relax outside. However, since she is dark in color and a Frenchie, she must be watched so that she doesn’t overheat.  Hula has gotten accustomed to eating kibble mixed with freshly boiled chicken; someone who will continue this would be awesome.  Hula also enjoys sleeping in bed with her people so continuing this would be a plus, too.


Hula is a wonderful, cheerful little dog with a great personality and sweet disposition.  She deserves all the happiness in the world.  She has a ton of love to give….if you think you are the one to receive that love, then please apply.