In Loving Memory of Carleton

Carleton – 1997 – 2/8/2008

Karen Krings loved her dogs so much she provided handsomely for their care after her death and provided through a posthumous bequest funds which have enabled the French Bulldog Village to rescue homeless dogs for their sake. Carleton and Lizette, her little French Bulldog, went to live with Rick and Vicky Pitt in Whidbey Island, Washington. Carleton was eight years old, a gentle and loving dog, who made the transition from the city streets of San Diego to the woods of Washington state with grace and ease.

Shortly after adopting him, Vicky had this to say about him:

“Carleton is one in a million. I don’t think we can ever be without a bulldog again. His smile, his funny gait, his love…he’s just wonderful.”

Carleton enjoyed another two years in his new home. He died quietly one evening in February, in the winter’s coldest month, and now he is prancing through the sunny streets of La Jolle, California once again, his beloved mistress at his side for all eternity.