In Loving Memory of Ch. Dejavu’s Annie Oakley

Annie was a canine that many of us as humans could learn a lesson from.  The best word to describe Annie was “Grace” she had it to spare.  She handled all situations with loving Grace, be it a child pulling on her ears or a puppy playing with her.  She was always gentle, sweet and kind. I know you should not assign human emotions to a dog, but how can I help it when this was truly her spirit.  She was never in the way and never asked for much, just a pat and she was happy.  She graced my home for 10 ½ years and then even when the cancer had her, she never complained just silently took all the poking and prodding and licked my hand during it all.  I have lost a dear companion, and learned in the process some grace and humility.  She is greatly missed.

Jean Loyning