In Loving Memory of Champion Merriment’s Petit Tresor

March 11, 2000 – August 4, 2008

On March 11, 2000, my very first litter of French Bulldog puppies were born by c-section. I was hoping for a girl so when four boys came out I was a little disappointed that I might not get the girl I was hoping for, but sure enough the fifth and last puppy was a tiny little girl with two big white dots on the back of her neck weighing in at just about 6 ounces.

She was a little itty bitty thing and struggled the first couple days of her life trying to suckle on Mom to get milk. I had to lend a hand until eventually she became strong enough to suck on her own. I knew right away that this one had a strong spirit and as she continued to grow she turned into a little firecracker with a VERY BIG attitude. By the time she was five weeks old, she was pushing around her four brothers and didn’t seem to be afraid of anything or anybody. She was a happy puppy, very outgoing, and turned into a beautiful Frenchie Diva. She was my “little treasure”, so when it came time to name her, it was easy, she became Merriment’s Petit Tresor’, “Gigi” for short.

Gigi had the life-of-party spirit. She loved running on the beach, riding in a car, playing Frisbee, running through the water sprinklers and climbing and sitting on top of tables or the top of the couch. No spot was too high for my little miss. Gigi liked the chase, she chased gophers, cats and anything else that hoped or crawled or decided to run from her, even the neighborhood children who dubbed her “The Mad Bulldog”…She also had a very sweet side, she loved people, she loved to cuddle, she loved sucking on toys, she loved ice cream, she loved her spa day and loved to be groomed. Whenever I declared “it’s time for a bath”, she quickly went to the bath tub and hopped in. My little Frenchie Diva would never be caught dirty and Gigi always considered herself a beauty queen, Bell of the Ball…I often teased her saying, “Gigi, Gigi, Gigi, it’s all about Gigi!” and if she could talk, she would agree!

By the time Gigi was 6 months old, she attended her first AKC dog show and won a 5 point major! And before she was two years old, she had completed her AKC Championship title with very limited showing. At two years old, Gigi gave birth to three beautiful puppies. She was a wonderful, loving and attentive Mother. Even at eight years old, Gigi acted very much like a young pup. Her energy level never waivered.

In July of 2008, Gigi was diagnosed with internal mast cell cancer and two very large inoperable tumors were discovered. I was forced to face the truth that Gigi, was terminal and the rest of her life with me would only be a matter of days. I am grateful I had those last days with her to say goodbye. A little more time to lie with her, hold her and kiss her and just forget the world before I had to send her on her way. We did it all baby.
There are no words to express how much she will be missed by me and her momma, Ruby, but I am thankful for the unimaginable joy that she brought into our lives each and every day she was with us, we were truly blessed. Gigi had such a fearless enthusiastic passion for life and enjoyed all of her days here on earth.

She spent her entire life with me and her momma from the day she was born to the day that I had to set her free and I have so many wonderful memories that I will always cherish. Gigi was one of a kind and for me, there will never be another like her…she took a large piece of my heart with her when she left.

Godspeed my little sweetheart, Gigi.
Rebecca Sazegar