In Loving Memory of Isabella

Isabella (formerly “Tooty”, formerly “Violet”) came to us as a foster dog in August 2007, just four short months after the death of our first rescued Frenchie, Rori.  Izzy was a very naughty puppy mill rescue that had bounced through a couple foster homes due to her fear-driven aggression and lack of socialization.  With the help of our sweet pug, Izzy learned proper manners and doggie behavior and we officially adopted her in January 2008.

While living in Wisconsin, Izzy’s favorite pastime was to sit out under the arborvitae along the front fence and greet all the people and dogs walking by.  She loved to dig holes in the back lawn and sleep in the cool dirt when she wasn’t “on alert” for bunnies to chase.  She quickly won over the hearts of everyone who met her, especially those that had food or drink of any kind.

A malignant mass near her ovary was discovered at the time of Izzy’s spay (in 2007) so we knew our time with her was limited.  Two years later, another malignant mass was removed from her shoulder.  Although the clock was ticking, we were blessed to have this crazy little girl in our lives for five years before she finally succumbed to complications from Cushing’s disease and skin cancer on Sept. 11, 2012.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the vets office as we said goodbye.  They all loved her and had been rooting for her these past 5 months, just as we had.

There is an empty spot on the couch and a big hole in our hearts.  Her 12-yr old puggy brother is so lost without his pesky little sister to be his eyes and ears for him.  The house is strangely quiet without her funny sniffing noises and bounces across the tile floor.

Rest in peace our sweet little “Busy Bee”.

–Jodi, Skott, and Confuscious Shaw