In Loving Memory of Olive Wise

Right now, there’s a fat little brindle dog standing at Heaven’s Gate, and she is barking, all pissed off and demanding to be let in, NOW. St. Peter is up a tree somewhere, guarding his fingers and toes, and the angels are all saying, do we have to let her in?? Yes, you do have to let her in. In her own crazy, crooked way, she made a couple of good people love her, and she’s earned her passage. Pretty soon, in some dark corner, there are going to be two little celestial Frenchies building a third little demon Frenchie out of angel feathers, sticks, tar and brimstone, with its little horns and tail carefully tucked out of harm’s way and out of sight, and then they are going to hurl that little Frenchie earthward like a tiny thunderbolt. Be ready, Didee, she’s going to be coming your way.

It takes a special person to love a dog like Olive. Good job, Didee, you did your very best for her, and NOBODY could have done better.

Charlotte Creeley