In Loving Memory of Penny

We have some very sad news to share. Penny has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She was taken to the ER blue, stridorous, and with decreased oxygen levels. She needed to be intubated. When intubated, her airway was found to be very swollen. She was given IV fluids and steroids but after being extubated a few hours later, she was still having difficulty breathing. X-rays revealed no signs of aspiration or collapsing trachea. The vet suspected laryngeal paralysis and said surgery would be too risky.


Penny was struggling to breathe so instead of letting her suffer any longer, we decided to let her go. It is never an easy decision but one that we sadly must make from time to time. Her foster mom was there with her in her final minutes giving her lots of pets and kisses. She told her how much she loved her as she crossed over. We are forever grateful for the love and care her foster mom gave her. We also want to thank all our followers for your endless support. We could not keep the rescue going without our amazing volunteers and followers.


RIP sweet Penny. We all loved you so much and will see you again one day.