In Loving Memory of Sparkies

In Loving Memory of Sparkies

Our beloved Frenchie went to peace on November 4, 2008, at 10 and 1/2 years old. He was our faithful friend, companion and source of untold joy.

Sparkies came to us in such a unexpected way, we went to a dog show and met a lady showing a Frenchie and asked her about the breed. We talked and soon discovered she lived here in town, and we followed her to her house after the show. During the drive, my husband Will told me we would just look and then take the time to think about it due to the cost. Well, as they came around the corner, holding him, gangly, wiggly and almost 5 months old because he was pet quality, too long in the back and the extra large version, I knew we were going home with that guy. My husband left me there and dashed to the ATM to get the cash before we could come to our senses.

How do you share the tender love that grew in our home, with Sparkies becoming inseparable from my husband after his heart attack. They were a pair, errands arranged around where Sparkies could go, the stores that knew him by name, that devoted love so evident between him and us. My husband would nuzzle him and Sparkies would fold into his arms, receiving all that attention and more.

We long for his presence. Our regret is with tenderness that 10 and 1/2 years were not long enough. He was the picture of health, robust, strong and infallible until a brain tumor swiftly stole away his remaining years.

The breeder so rightly said they will steal your heart. Sparkies did, and he will always own a place deep in our souls.

Carol Stevens

Bulverde, Texas