In Loving Memory of Tyson

I have to let you know that Tyson has gone on to that better place where he has no limp and no seizures and can go as fast or slow as he wants. Sadly for me he has gone on – I know for him it is all good now. He left yesterday and left of his own choice in my arms. A gentleman to the end, he didn’t make me have to choose when the time would be. It was his time.

Thanksgiving day for him was not a very good one, but he certainly did not seem to be bad enough in any way that he was going to pass. He was having a bit increased respiratory rate but radiographs showed nothing really obvious at all. The bonuses of living next door to your vet clinic are you can get x-rays day or night (even at 11pm) at any time with no waiting or driving. Friday he had fluids and nebulizations that seemed to help relieve the rapid breathing. Saturday I continued those treatments and he was about the same and then he had a seizure.

It was no longer than the others but when he came to he was not like he usually was as far as mentation and was now actually having trouble breathing. I carried him immediately over into the oxygen cage and placed him in. I talked to him through the glass, and he could see and hear me. His breathing seemed to get better over about 5 minutes or so and then he gave a deep gasp and I knew. I opened the cage and hugged him to me and his heart was slowing and stopped. I told him how much I loved him and how much I would miss him but I knew he needed to go. I told him I wanted him to have a safe trip and to not look back- it was okay.