Jackson in Nevada– ADOPTED!

Jackson has been adopted!!! He has an amazing new mom and two human siblings. He will be an only dog, so he will get all the loving for himself which we are certain he will enjoy tremendously. Jackson is settling in well and has already made himself right at home with the family. We are absolutely thrilled for him and his new family!

At three years old, Jackson is full of energy and excitement. He came to FBV from another rescue. Although friendly and active, he had no rules or boundaries in his previous home. He has learned some basic rules while in foster care; however, he needs more guidance and training. Basic obedience will need to be continued in his forever home, but he is housebroken.


He gets along with men, women, children, and other pets. He would do best with an active family who can manage his high energy level as he is very playful and can get overstimulated. He is submissive but can be mouthy at times. While he does get along well with children, older children may be preferred due to his highly playful, puppy energy. 


Jackson would do well in a home where others are home to provide him with frequent breaks and opportunities to burn energy as well as keep him out of mischief. He is constantly on the go and enjoys zooming around the house. He plays well independently, keeping himself busy by tossing toys around and chasing them. He also enjoys playing with his Frenchie foster brother. 


During a vet exam, Jackson became anxious and bit his foster mom’s hand when the vet put a scope down Jackson’s ears. Jackson did well with the rest of the exam, but he does have his own muzzle for future vet exams if needed. 


While “play all day” is the motto, Jackson also enjoys some good snuggles and affection. He loves to exercise and would do best with an active family who can manage his high energy and continue to work on his training.