Jersey in Florida— ADOPTED!

Jersey has been adopted by an awesome mom who absolutely loves her already. They are a perfect match and are bringing each other so much joy! We are thrilled that the two found each other and will get to spend their days together loving each other and making wonderful memories. Congratulations to Jersey and her forever mom!

Jersey is a sweet, 6-year-old female Frenchie. She was surrendered by her previous owner because she started to not get along with the young children in the home. She came into rescue with bilateral ear infections and urine burns on her feet which have both healed with treatment. She also has one “funky,” thick ear from an old ear hematoma. She may require more frequent ear cleaning and may be susceptible to ear infections since her ear canals are small, but her hearing at this time is not compromised.


She may have some seasonal allergies, but her skin looks good and because of a recessed vulva, future UTIs are possible. Jersey could also be more susceptible to back injury/slipping disc due to a history of intervertebral disc disease, but she has been doing okay in her foster home. It will be very important to prevent her from jumping up and down on surfaces, using stairs and playing very hard. She likely has some arthritis in her joints as well.


Jersey has no preference if her adoptive home has a fenced yard. A short stroll is all this girl needs in this summer heat. However, if her adopter has a pool or lives near water, extra care will need to be taken as she has no fear of water. Jersey does not require someone who is home all day or a midday potty break, but she would prefer it. She is housebroken and leash trained (but will pull suddenly on the leash if she sees a lizard....she LOVES “lizard hunting” and occasionally catches one!). She is also crate trained but prefers not to be crated. She knows the following basic commands: sit, fetch, leave it and come.


Jersey is a slow eater so she will need to be separated from other animals at feeding times. She currently lives with two young male Boxers and an elderly male Frenchie and does well with all of them. She has occasionally been around female dogs that have visited and has been fine with them as well. She does not currently reside with cats but was raised with them in her previous home and ignores the office cat at the vet clinic. She also ignores the tortoise in the backyard of her foster home. Jersey is okay with children over the age of 10 but is nervous around young, active, loud children so she needs a home without children under 10.


She has no separation anxiety. She doesn’t mind when her humans leave the house but is always happy when they return home. She loves to cuddle up next to you while watching TV. She sleeps in her own bed at night in her foster parent’s bedroom and sleeps through the night....she does snore a little though! Haha! She can be a little “grumbly” when meeting new dogs but has shown no aggression and settles down quickly.


She is very “fit” and in good shape. She sometimes likes to chew on Nylabones and enjoys small, squeaky toys. She has a sweet disposition and is very loving. Her ideal home would be calm with lots of love to share. Jersey is the perfect dog....calm, attentive, content, and loving! She really needs a forever home that will make her feel secure.