JJ in Florida– ADOPTED!!

JJ has been adopted by an amazing family. He has a wonderful new mom and dad and 2 teenage human siblings. He also has a Frenchie sibling who will keep him company and be a great playmate. We are so excited for JJ and his forever family. We know they are going to very happy together!


JJ is a sweet and loving 16-month-old who was surrendered by his owners when they no longer could provide him with the attention that he needed. He has no ongoing health issues and no temperament issues...no food, toy or dog aggression.


He is housebroken, crate trained and leash trained. While he does not need someone to be home all day or someone to provide him with a midday potty break, he would love it. He knows the commands sit, stay, down, leave it and come. He would prefer an adoptive home with a fenced yard, but it is not required.


JJ is quite the clown. He loves to “steal” items that he isn’t supposed to have and be chased! It’s a great game to him. He’s a very well-behaved dog overall, but he does have a lot of puppy energy. JJ has some separation anxiety but crating him when left alone does the trick. When loved on, he is a sweet angel and loves to be cuddled. He can get a little over-excited while playing and should be supervised around small children. He will “nibble” at your hands during play.


He loves playing keep away and chewing on Nylabones. He is very athletic for a French Bulldog because he is longer than the average Frenchie and has a longer snout. He loves to go on walks and runs when the weather is cool. He doesn’t mind a bath and will enter the shower if allowed and lie down on the shower floor to be bathed. When he is ready for bed, he will hop up onto your lap and lie back to be held like a toddler to go to sleep.


JJ needs a family who is willing to provide lots of affection, exercise, and attention. He is extremely smart and playful. He would do best in a home with a dog his energy level and size or larger. JJ should be placed with a family that has children that are dog savvy and understand puppy play. He deserves a home where he will not be crated for more than 4 hours without a break. His family will need to have patience until he settles in and realizes he is home.


All dogs deserve a loving home, but JJ will melt your heart. He is so loving and smart. Sometimes his foster mom wonders if there is a little person inside him. JJ will make an outstanding family dog. He is really a special dog!