Jocelyn in Maryland- ADOPTED!

Introducing Jocelyn, the delightful black brindle rescue French Bulldog from MD, who's ready to bring smiles and endless cuddles into your life! At 2.5 years old and 26lbs, Jocelyn is a female sweetheart with a heart of gold.


Her journey has been one of transformation. Timid at first, she's now discovering her playful side and the joy of being a dog. Jocelyn's newfound love for balls is adorable – she's practically inseparable from them! She's also a certified Velcro dog, finding comfort in being close to her humans (wanting to touch them even when sleeping at night) and her foster dog siblings.


Although she may have some quirks, like the occasional poop-eating habit (thankfully, she's responding well to anti-poop-eating treats), Jocelyn's capacity for affection is unmatched. Her separation anxiety shows just how much she cares for her people as she will whine and cry when being alone in a room for even a short time. She has also been known to cause some damage to things because of her separation anxiety. Someone who is home often would be best.


Even though car rides and crates might not be her favorites, she's a leash-walking pro and beams with pride when it's time to stroll around the dog-friendly neighborhood. While she is a pro at leash-walking, she also wouldn’t mind at all if her forever home had a fenced yard to romp around in. Housebreaking is a work in progress with Jocelyn needing quite a bit of work still, but when she does go potty outside, the pride in her eyes is undeniable.


Her foster says she'd do wonderfully with another dog by her side as she continues to grow. She’d also do fine with dog savvy cats in her forever home as she lives with some now and is indifferent to them. Jocelyn's unique trait? Her obsession with balls and her knack for melting hearts with her little smiling face.


As she continues to blossom, this girl is looking for a patient and loving forever home. With time, care, and heaps of love, she'll surely become the loyal companion you've been waiting for. So, if you're ready to open your heart and home to Jocelyn's journey of growth and love, get ready to be enchanted by her smiling face and the joy she'll bring to your life. Let's make her part of your story today!