Junebug in Maryland- ADOPTED!

Well, would ‘ya take a looky-loo at me? Gorgeous little thing, aren’t I?


My name is Junebug. Pull up a chair and let me tell you a little bit about me.


As I mentioned, my name is Junebug and I am a love bug! I am 2 and weigh about 20ish pounds. I like to meet all sorts of people. I am going to need you to keep an eye on me, though, especially with little kids. Because I get so gosh darn excited when I meet new people, I can get a little jumpy. I wouldn’t want to knock a little human down or scare anyone! That’s certainly not my intention. I LOVE to follow my people wherever they go - even if it means to the bathroom or shower.


Along with my built in monitoring services, I also like to be the navigation in the car. So much so that I will lead you to the car when it’s time to take me somewhere! Speaking of going places, I also really like walks. I get very excited at the thought of chasing a bunny or squirrel when out on my walks but only for a second (I’d rather be on a couch than chasing critters). I can be a little nervous around other dogs at first, but I quickly relax. I will tell you I’ve never seen a cat, so I’m not sure what they would think of me, or me of them. My foster mom says I do great on a leash, and I wouldn’t necessarily need a fenced in yard.


Speaking of exercise, I do have luxating patellas in both of my back legs. It doesn’t limit me or bother me though! I also have an eye that was scratched at some point in my life. Heaven knows how this happened! I was just a young pup probably. That being said, I likely only have some function in my right eye. Both of my eyes tend to be dry so I will need eye drops (Tacrolimus ophthalmic drops) to keep my peepers properly moistened for the rest of my life. Luckily, I don’t mind all that primping and grooming stuff.


Since I came into this amazing world of being fostered, I’ve been the only doggy in the home. I suspect that I would like a friend, but my new folks would have to do a slow introduction just in case.


My foster parents say I am a Velcro dog. I think that’s because I like to snuggle so much. When I am in my crate (which I really like), foster dad and mom say I don’t complain! I do well with my scheduled potty breaks but am working on not going #2 in the middle of the street or on wood chips.


I am a quiet gal who likes a good Nylabone every once in a while. Nothing too crazy!