Kaysi in Nevada– ADOPTED!!

Kaysi has been adopted by a wonderful family! She has an awesome new mom, dad, and Frenchie brother to love. She is loving her new life and cannot wait to spend many years to come with her forever family. Please join us in congratulating Kaysi and her family on finding each other!

Kaysi is a sweet gal who is 3 years of age. She was surrendered to FBV when her previous owner realized the cost of her care was too great. Kaysi suffers from skin allergies and dry eye. Below is a list of the various medications/treatments, along with costs, for her allergies and dry eye:


Cytopoint injection- $62.00 (for allergies), once a month

Medrol 4 mg- ½ tablet every other day, $22.00 for a 2-month supply (steroid)

1% Cyclosporine- Instill in both eyes every 12 hours- $36 for 2-month supply

Tacrolimus eye drops- Instill in both eyes every 12 hours- $66 for 2-month supply

Epi-Otic Ear Cleaner- $27.75 for 3-month supply- clean ears weekly

Medicated shampoo- $25-$35 (lasts approximately 3 months), bathe every 2-4 weeks


She has no temperament issues....no toy or food aggression has been demonstrated with the crew of pups in her foster home. However, she and the other dogs are fed separately as it is a lot more relaxed for everyone that way. She does not care for the resident cats and how she would interact with birds and other small animals is unknown.


She is only partially housebroken. She has not been easy to train as she dislikes the dog door in her foster home. She is just starting to get the hang of it and has fewer accidents in the house now than when she first arrived. Kaysi requires an adoptive home with a fenced yard. She is crate trained, leash trained, and knows the command ‘come.’


Kaysi is a very happy pup. She loves car rides. She also loves toys but needs tough ones as she is very hard on them and tries to destroy them. When her foster mom gets home from work, she loves to play chase with her current toy. She really does not get into any mischief and is not confined in her foster home when left alone. While she does not require it, she would prefer a home where someone is home with her often since she craves attention and her house training is a work in progress.


She needs a home with someone who loves the attention of a dog (as she is very loving and affectionate) and who can afford the care of her allergies and eyes. Her foster mom feels that in the past she may not have been shown much affection and this is the reason why she craves it so much now. Kaysi really is one sweetheart of a girl! If you feel you can provide her with the attention she desires and deserves, please apply.