Lady in Georgia- ADOPTED!!

Lady has been adopted by a loving forever mom and dad! Lady is now an only dog, and her new parents work from home. There is no doubt that this sweet gal is getting all the love and attention she deserves. We are absolutely thrilled for this new family and can’t wait to see all the wonderful memories they share together!

Hi there, I'm Lady - but don't let my name fool you; I'm a bit of a tom-boy. I'm a very athletic gal with a touch of mischief. I love exploring the outdoors, taking nice walks in the evenings, and playing in the yard.


Guess what? I have a birthday coming up. I will be 5 years old on June 30th! Yes, I'm a cancer, so my furever family needs to make sure we have compatible signs! I may be turning 5 soon, but I'm kind of living out the puppy stages that I didn't really experience before. I'm still working on my house training, and I have a habit of eating my stool. It's confusing, "don't poop in the house" ... but also "don't clean it up!" Make up your mind, people! I'm getting the hang of it, but my house training is still a work in progress.


One of my favorite things to do is redecorate. If you leave something on the floor for me, it's fair game, right? I'll tote it around and make a new home for it. Hope you didn't need that sock! Apparently, there are items I'm "allowed" to chew on and some that I am not. I'm working on differentiating between those things, but I still get caught here and there munching on something other than my toys. I also get a bit anxious when things aren't in their place, so I give them a bork, so you know to tidy up. I also bork for attention...hope you like the sound of my voice as much as I do!


I have been around dogs my size and smaller and have done wonderfully. I have also been around children over 5 years old and I do great! I haven't been around cats or other small animals though. I would love for my people to be home all day, but a mid-day potty break would suffice. I like to run the fenced yard, but if you're active and willing to exercise me in other ways, that works too!


When I think of my dream home, I envision a family that will play with me, take walks with me, can keep up with my energy and appetite and spoil me with love, cuddles, toys, blankets, and an unlimited supply of dog food. I do well in a structured and patient environment. I love having the company of other dogs, not sure about cats, but humans are a plus. Kids of all ages are also welcome! If you don't have any kids or pets, I don't mind...more attention for me!


Trust me when I say that when you earn my trust, I will be your ride or die forever! Will you be my ride or die for life?