Leah in Florida– ADOPTED!

Leah has been adopted by an amazing family! She has a wonderful new mom and two human sisters. She is an only dog so is getting all the attention from her people. Her mom works from home so Leah will rarely be home alone. We are absolutely thrilled that Leah has found such an awesome forever home!

Guess what? It’s me, Leah, and I’m available for adoption! I’m 30 lbs of sassafras and I’m ready to find my furever.


A lot of my life I have been struggling with some serious itchiness and ear infections. In fact, that’s how I found myself here in my foster home. I have been treated for chronic ear infections and the dogtor (veterinarian) said that because of my past infections, I have narrowed ear canals. I can still hear you (selectively, I mean, I am a Frenchie) but I need a little extra help keeping my ears clean. I also have a lucky ear, yep! Just like Nemo’s little fin. I have a crinkled ear flap from a baaaaaad ear infection that led to a hematoma (blood filled ear flap). I think it helps me stand out in the crowd. I have a bit of an expensive palate; my prescription food runs about $100 per bag. It’s been really helping with my allergies and what can I say? A queen should eat as a queen! 


I have to say something that may be a little controversial. I don’t really like other dogs! I know, sounds funny coming from me… but I really prefer my people to be just that - MY people. I haven’t exactly fought the other dog in my foster home, but I have to say I have given them a stern talking to and charged them a time or 2. Why? I don't know, my foster parents said it’s unprovoked and unpredictable… For this reason, I need a home with no other furry friends. I can assure you that with a girl like me, one fur friend is MORE than enough! 


I recently started sneaking into my foster parent’s bed. I don’t know if they noticed, but it’s the best night's sleep I’ve ever had. I’d REALLY like it if my furever family lets me sleep with them. I also love chewing bones, belly rubs, hanging in the backyard and snacks! I do have a part-time career. I am a permanent member of neighborhood paw patrol AKA neighborhood watch. I spend my afternoons watching and documenting the comings and goings in our neighborhood. Sometimes if the sun hits just right, I accidentally catch a little snooze… Don’t tell HR! 


Tiny humans are going to be a "no" for me. I like them, I really do… but I accidentally knock them around from how excited I am! I would do great in a home with older dog savvy children who can help correct me as well. I really love to paw at people and jump on them for attention. I am getting the hang of house training but have been on prednisone for a lot of my time in foster care. This causes me to have to go more often but I am learning to alert my people by going to the back door. At only 3 years old, I’m still young enough to be taught and I know there’s a family willing to work on things with me and learn together. 


Do I sound like the new queen of your castle!?