Lilac in Nevada– ADOPTED!!

Lilac has started her new journey with her forever parents! She has a new mom, dad, two human siblings and two doggie siblings. Her family was not at all deterred by her energy level on the day of adoption and absolutely love her already! Here are some pics from the day they picked up this special girl. A picture was even taken with masks on for COVID memories!

Lilac is a smart and extremely active girl who is 1 year, 7 months and weighs 25 lbs. She came to the Village when her owner was unable to give her the time she needed as an energetic puppy. Her owner lovingly surrendered Lilac knowing she would find a home with an active family to help her thrive.


She has no aggression issues whatsoever and no ongoing health problems. She has done wonderfully in foster care with many introductions to children from toddler to teen. She plays well with the current resident dogs who range in weight from 16-50 pounds. She also has played with other well socialized dogs of 60 pounds and larger without issues. She is confident in herself and understands when a dog is done playing with her. Lilac does not have any preference regarding the gender of dogs and humans....male, female...makes absolutely no difference to her!


Lilac does, however, require an adoptive home with a fenced yard. Being in an apartment for the start of her house-training has made training more difficult. She is only partially housebroken at this point. She is so busy that she forgets to go outside to potty even though she knows where outside is, even with a dog door. Her foster home has been working with her, but she is stubborn. She will urinate in her crate and mark areas in the home such as dog beds that aren’t hers. She will need a forever person who can provide her with frequent potty breaks throughout the day with positive reinforcement...Lilac is only slightly food motivated, though.


She is crate trained but not yet leash trained. She knows the commands sit and come. She loves to play and plays like it’s the last time! She loves stuffed toys as well as some squeaky toys. She will put anything in her mouth, though, so puppy proofing is very important.


Lilac is a mischief maker, full of energy, and has no off button. She needs lots of walks and toys to keep her occupied. She is an independent dog or a leader depending on her pack. Lilac would thrive in a place with a neutral climate so she can participate in outdoor activities without overheating. She loves to be outside with her humans and has a curious mind! It is so funny to watch Lilac’s wheels can read it on her face that she is looking for trouble. Lots of activity will keep this gal very happy!


She does excellent in the car and enjoys touching her human while being chauffeured around. She needs a human that doesn’t mind a dog who licks...she loves to lick people! She also loves to play with other dogs....she really needs at least one other dog in her forever home to keep her entertained.


Lilac’s human must keep her honest and out of trouble. She is a special girl who sees the positive in everything (her face just screams...happy, happy!!) but she is mischievous.