Lili in Arizona– ADOPTED!!

Lili has been adopted by a wonderful couple who is thrilled to have welcomed her into their lives. She also has a new doggie sibling to play with and cuddle. Her forever family is looking forward to spending many years and memories with her. Congratulations to Lili and her family for finding each other!


Miss Lili is in the house!  You will not find a sweeter pup around than this young lady!  If you have any feeling about this girlie after reading her bio, you’d better apply ASAP – we may need to have a dance battle to compete for her affection!  We’ve seen ‘Meet the Spartans’ many times, so we know how it goes!  She’s 1 years old and last vet check weighed her in at 22lbs.  She’s a beautiful sable color who will be mistaken as a pug wherever you go! 


Lili was returned to her breeder due to having gastric issues that couldn’t be resolved.  The breeder chose to give her to a friend who is a vet tech.  Due to her being on steroids and having to potty a lot, she couldn’t be kept in a crate all day, so the vet tech surrendered her to us.  In her own words - a little bit about Lili:


DOGS:  I would LOVE to have at least one friend in my fur-ever home.  I get along with all dogs and would love to PLAY PLAY PLAY!  I’m good with young and older dogs.  I can bounce off of the furniture with you, or play laying down, if that’s your thing.  I do have ‘queen bee’ tendencies, so I wouldn’t do well with alpha dogs.  I am a princess!!!  And all princesses want to be queens!  I am in no way aggressive, but I like to push the envelope.  I will box out my foster siblings for pets or treats.  If my mates are push-overs, all will be fine, but there may be issues should another Queen/King want to challenge me in the future.  If my mate has a toy, I want it….even if I don’t want it.  My siblings will need to understand that they can have that toy later….but only when I don’t want it!  But once I see you have it, I’ll want it. 


CATS:  I have not been around cats, and I do bark at them if they walk by the house.  I have a higher prey drive so I will chase what runs!  Kitty homes may not want to apply.


KIDS:  I have not been around children, but I would LOVE for you to drop your food on the ground – can we be best friends??!  (FOSTER MOM here – no toddlers or littles that can’t say NO or are unable to put that special item out of Lili’s reach.  You don’t want a gastric episode with random food being dropped within Lili’s path.  She will get it…she has great hearing and she’s FAST.  She also has a bit of an annoying habit of ‘poking’ people to get pets.  When she does this, she can scratch, so homes with small dudes should not apply.  We are teaching her that this is inappropriate behavior, but it’s a habit for her. 


HOUSETRAINED:  Yep – I’m not an animal!


OBEDIENCE TRAINING:  I know how to sit.  I know how to take ice cubes from your hand gently.  I will go to my crate when it’s mealtime.  For a young pup, I am SO good and willing to continue my life skills training with you!  (I am very food motivated so training will be a piece of cake! Mmmm…..CAKE!)


CRATE SKILLS:  I should be crated when home alone.  Although I’m a very good girl, sometimes new things look like they’d feel pretty cool in my mouth….like your phone, the TV remote, that pen that dropped on the floor….your shoe!  I have no problem being crated, but I may bark a little bit when you leave and when I hear you return.  My foster mommy turns on the TV when she leaves to drown out street traffic and this helps me go to sleep!  I bet I can quote Mystery Science Theater 3000 better than you!


LEASH SKILLS:  I LOVE to go for walks!  My foster family takes me out at least twice a day to check out the world.  I do zig-zag a lot on my leash, but I can potty outside like a champ!  I’m curious about others that I meet on my walks, but I don’t ‘chicken call’ like most of my cousins do.  I’m not an embarrassment in public – I’m a lady!


DROOL/SNORE FACTOR:  I can drool when you’re having something that smells delicious!  I also can snore in my sleep.


PERKS & QUIRKS:  I eat poop!  My poop, my fur sibling’s poop, the bird on the phone line poop – I LOVE POOP!!!!  My new family will need to pick up my poop as soon as I or my mates go, or I will eat it.  You will NOT enjoy my puking the poop I’ve eaten.  This could be a life-long ugly habit.  I have been seen following my foster siblings and clean up as soon as they poop.  It’s disgusting – I LOVE IT!! 


I will grow up to be the Queen every female bully was meant to be!  I have been known to box out my siblings to jockey for the front position for pets and treats.  My new family will need to take these queues and correct them, as much as I don’t want to admit this.  I know it’s not appropriate to push my way to the front of the line, but I CAN’T HELP BEING THE FIRST IN LINE! 


I LOVE to hang out with my family.  If you go to brunch – I want to go.  Pub crawl?  I’m up for it!  My foster family has a wheeled cart that they bring for longer walks or hotter days.  They also have a body sling that they put me in when they go for bike rides.  I love the extra cuddles.  I am a perfect snacking companion in public places like restaurants and bars.  Just please bring me GI appropriate food.


I’ve been told I snore, but I think that’s my foster dad. I bark at people walking by the house – I love to hang out on the front porch with my family, or watch the world go by from the front window. I LOVE ice cubes.  I will hear the fridge door open and come running – you WILL give me an icy cold treat! 


I’m a bit of a freak with the water hose.  Care must be taken if you hand water your garden.  I WILL jump for the water/spigot, and it’s funny in the beginning, but I can hurt myself with how high I jump.  I should be kept inside if a hose is involved.  I love it, but I understand it’s not healthy for me – mentally or physically.


I have long nails (what diva doesn’t, imma right?!) and I’ve been told I poke people for pets.  Well how else are you gonna know that I need you to touch me?  Put your phone down already!  Foster mommy dremmels my nails as I have longer quicks and cutting my nails would be painful.  My new home should know how to buff my nails vs. cut them to keep them in check.  This is for your own good, not mine.


HEALTH STATUS:  I have irritable bowel syndrome.  I had intestine tests that came back with IBD due to food allergy.  I am fed a raw turkey formula which takes care of my diarrhea.  I’m on meds for reflux/GERD symptoms.  I typically will vomit in my mouth or do lip-licking but at times, if I eat or drink too much at one time, I will release my entire stomach on your floor.  Yep, the one that you just cleaned!  But back up, I can help clean that up for you!


ENERGY LEVEL:  I tend to take on the energy in the room.  I have GREAT zoomies, but I also have an off button.  If there is no one to play with, I will play independently with my toys. 


I gotta go chase some butterflies….here’s more from my foster mom:


FOSTER MOM – GOOD, BAD AND THE UGLY: I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dog!  Lili would flourish in an active family or one that can keep her busy.  She appears to have an old soul – you will forget she’s a puppy.  Because her GI issues can come on out of the blue, she will need someone that has a flexible schedule to be able to let her out when these bouts come on. She was surrendered because the past owner didn’t want her sitting in a crate when she has a bout with diarrhea. That wasn’t fair to Lili.  These incidents cannot be planned, so please be honest with yourself and your schedule before you apply for her. 


Lili has been through a lot in her short life. She would thrive in a home with structure and boundaries. She wants an owner who will be her alpha while she gets to be the goofball she wants to be. She will follow you to the end of the earth, especially if there is brunch at the end of it!


Lili has Irritable Bowel Syndrome/Disease. She may need lifelong, daily medication and special food to keep her bowels in check. Changing her diet/meds without vet approval can cause diarrhea, vomiting and potential hospitalization to get her back to a stable condition.  If this is a weekend after hours, as pet emergencies tend to be, this can go over $1000 per episode.


She has some lasting reflux symptoms that look like she’s throwing up in her mouth or smacking of the lips. There are times if she overeats or drinks too much she will empty her full stomach contents. Lili’s owner will need to always monitor her eating/drinking habits to prevent gastric distress.


She will need her bum wiped daily. If she gets crusties, she will scoot…..and nobody wants that! 


If you’ve stayed with me this long, and you can heed my instructions, Lili is virtually low maintenance.  She aims to please and would make a fantastic addition to your home!