Lilly in Florida— ADOPTED!!

Lilly is HOME!!! She has an amazing new momma who is already madly in love with her. She has no fur siblings, so she is the princess of the house and is being very spoiled. Lilly’s forever mom lost her special Frenchie several months before she found Lilly on our website. Lilly has made her smile again! We are absolutely thrilled these two have found each other to share their lives together.

Lilly adopted

Lilly is approximately 9 years old and was surrendered to a shelter when her owner passed away. The shelter reached out to FBV to take this sweet girl in and here we are now looking for her a forever home. Lilly came into rescue with impacted anal glands but since they were expressed, she has had no further issues in her foster home. Initially, white blood cells were found in her urine, but an x-ray showed no bladder stones. She also had bloodwork while in rescue and a recent repeat urinalysis which both came back normal.


Lilly is a laid back, chill girl. She enjoys going for walks, lying in the sun in the yard, and snuggling with her person on the couch. She gets along with other dogs but does let them know she doesn’t appreciate them in her space. For example, if they come up and sniff her, she will bark a warning to let them know to back off. If they ignore her, she is fine. She is now okay with the large and small dogs in her foster home after a slow introduction into her foster home was performed. She also is good with the large resident tortoise as she just ignores him. Lilly does not currently live with cats but was non-reactive to a cat that resides at the vet office.


She is fully housebroken. She was not at first (maybe because of being at a shelter) but now knows what to do and will potty every time she goes outside. Lilly is also crate trained and will sleep in her crate or beside you in bed. She walks well on a leash and does not require an adoptive home with a fenced yard. She does, however, prefer a home with older, dog savvy children as the unpredictable movements and loud noises from small children may upset her. Even doorbell sounds on TV will make this little lady bark.


Lilly has shown no food aggression in her foster home and has no interest in bones. She knows the commands, sit, come, and heel. She is an attentive gal and likes to know what you are doing. She gets very excited when you return home and will show you how much she has missed you by wagging her funny little tail continuously. She will also lie outside the shower waiting for you to return. A soft, fuzzy bathroom rug is a must for her!


She very much enjoys snuggling and being pet. She would prefer someone home with her all day or at least someone who can provide her with a midday potty break. Her ideal forever home would be one that is calm where she can relax and enjoy the company of her owners. If her adoptive home has other dogs, they must share her “chill” attitude.


Lilly is not your average Frenchie (if there is such a thing)! She has unique coloring and is on the small size but tall. She has no breathing limitations that have been seen. She is such a sweet pup who will show you just how happy she is to be loved!