Lilly in New Jersey- ADOPTED!!

Lilly is enjoying her new life with her forever family! She is being tremendously spoiled by her mom and dad as well as her human sisters. She is also thoroughly enjoying spending her days with her doggie siblings. She is really in the best of care with her two parents who have careers in the pet industry. We couldn’t be more thrilled for Lilly that she has such a wonderful new family with whom to spend her life. Way to go Lilly…you hit the jackpot!

Lilly is a beautiful 2.5-year-old lady who is healthy. She is currently thriving in a foster home with two other French Bulldogs and a boxer. She really enjoys the company of the boxer with them spending most of the day playing and then cuddling together. Lilly has met lots of people and has gotten along with all ages.


She is very much a puppy….very curious and can be a bit of a troublemaker. Lilly LOVES to play, and she LOVES to crash! She is just the right mix of active and couch potato. She is also a stage 5 clinger. She absolutely loves to cuddle and sleep very closely (with dogs and humans). She will even climb up on your chest until your faces are touching!


She is only partially housebroken (she is about 50/50 with pottying outside). She continues to have accidents inside the house and will require continued potty training in her forever home. Having a forever person who is home for the better part of the day is ideal because of Lilly’s tendency to get into mischief and her potty training being a work in progress.


Lilly would prefer a fenced yard at her new home, but it is not required. She is crate trained and leash trained. She absolutely needs another dog in her forever home. She has a lot of energy to play (when she isn’t sleeping) and is a huge fan of running around the house playing chase with the resident boxer. She also loves anything chewy. She is not at all picky when it comes to bones! She is a passive and easy-going gal when it comes to toys and food.


Lilly is extremely grateful and loving! She likes to be super involved in whatever you are doing and will follow you around like a shadow. Lilly is not shy and is not at all a wall flower – she is up for anything. She makes her foster family laugh every day and her smile is contagious!