Lilly in New York— ADOPTED!!

Lilly has been adopted!! The smile on her face says it all.....She is one lucky little girl! Her new parents absolutely love her already.

She is having a blast with her new Frenchie siblings. “They have bonded over their mutual detest of the snow blower” is what we’ve been told. Her family also said, “Thank you (Lilly’s foster family), and the wonderful people at FBV!! We are thrilled to have her as part of our family.”

We are so excited for Lilly and her new family! They sound perfect for each other.

Lilly is an adorable 2-year-old Frenchie who was surrendered when her previous owner was no longer able to care for her. Lilly has a grade 2 heart murmur which does not require regular care but is a concern when having medical procedures performed. Extreme care must be taken when she has surgery and other veterinary procedures that require anesthesia. These extra safety precautions can be costly but are necessary in order to keep her safe.

Lilly is also allergic to chicken. She is kept on a single protein food that is lamb based. She does well with wild game such as duck but also seems to be sensitive to turkey. She will have diarrhea uncontrollably when given chicken and turkey. This is remedied by using Firm Up and must be kept on hand for when her sensitive stomach acts up. All treats must be thoroughly checked for chicken and turkey, as well as byproducts of these proteins. She tends to chew at her paws and came to her foster home with a missing dew claw. It is growing back slowly, but she still tries to gnaw at it.

Lilly seems to prefer women at first, but overall enjoys being around both men and women (as long as she's receiving attention). She has been around newborn babies and is very gentle with them. She is curious and likes to sniff and lick their toes. She loves to run around and play fetch with children who play kindly with her. She must be around children who are not rough with her. 

She currently lives with other dogs and a cat. She needs slow introductions to dog savvy cats. When Lilly first met her foster cat housemate, she would chase and bark at him. She has slowly come to tolerate him. However, she is obsessed with the cat’s litter box and needs to be kept away from it. She will attempt to eat the cat feces given the chance. She has also been introduced to guinea pigs. She attempts to attack and eat them. There has been no progress with slow introductions, and therefore she cannot be around them. She WILL harm them!

She is a smart girl, but stubborn. She knows how to sit and is working on various other her own pace. She's dominant but not aggressive. She is assertive around other dogs and sometimes pushes the limit when it comes to her play level. In her foster home, the resident alpha dog has put her in her place, calmly. She is insistent sometimes on shoving toys in her foster dog siblings’ faces but has shown no food aggression. She doesn't always know when enough is enough. She would play all day if she could. She cannot be in a home with a dog that is not patient with other dogs.

Lilly has a tremendous amount of energy. She is a very athletic dog. She can jump over a couch, a baby gate, and any obstacle in her way. She will sometimes scrape her paws on the baby gate because she is so hyper. When all her energy has run out, she loves to snuggle with her family and dog friends. Sometimes she needs to go to her crate to regroup. She uses it to calm down, as well as for her own personal space and safety. She cannot be left to roam the house alone. She will get into things that she should not. When her family is not home, she MUST be crated. She enjoys her crate with a soft crate pad.

She is super social and loves car rides, as well as going to dog friendly stores. She would be great going to breweries, home stores, and home improvement stores. She has been around other dogs in these venues and does very well. She enjoys running in a fenced yard (but while a fenced yard is preferred, it is not required). She also enjoys walks on a leash using a harness. She cannot be walked with a collar and leash; she must have a harness. She likes the snow but cannot be out in the cold for long. She likes jackets and dog clothes to keep her little body nice and warm.

She loves to chase balls and gnaw on Nylabones when she is monitored with them. She also loves soft squeaky toys and bully sticks, as well as all things Kong. She's a medium chewer. She will enthusiastically tear the fluff out of any toy. She will not rip her bed though...just toys.

Lilly tolerates baths, face cleaning, tail cleaning, and paw cleaning. She needs her paws and face wiped to keep clean and to avoid sore skin. She loves to have her teeth brushed. She is tolerant of her ears being cleaned as long as she gets some treats. She is also crate trained and leash trained.

Lilly is only partially housebroken. She had too many litters of puppies at an early age. Due to her C-sections and litters, she is only able to hold her bladder and bowels for about 5 hours. She will often wake during the night and need to go to the bathroom...she cannot hold it. It is not something that training will deter. She is good about letting people know that she needs to go out, but she must go out immediately when she tells you. She needs a home where she can relieve herself every 5 hours. She currently has a dog walker that comes during the day to let her do so. She will need a person who can come home during the day, bring her to work, or have a dog walker come midday.

Lilly likes to mark when she is first introduced into a new home. She wants to make sure that everyone is aware that all the new things are hers. She needs a patient home that will catch her in the act and bring her outside and reward her immediately for urinating outside. She will need to be trained and praised. The marking will happen, but it was easily phased out in a few days in her foster home with positive reinforcement. She will often look for her pee pee treat before she will go poo. She responds very well to positive reinforcement.

The ideal home for Lilly is one that has a loving family that wants to make her a main part of all that they do. She wants to be involved. She needs to be an active part of the family. She wants to go places and see new things. It is important that Lilly has a great deal of family time and attention. She will thrive in a home that showers her with love and treats her like an important family member. She is not a dog that wants to be independent and on her own. She loves to be by her human's side and in on all the action. If she is not, she becomes very stressed and nervous. She is a Velcro dog through and through. This is not to say that she can't be crated during the day. She doesn't mind her crate. She just thrives on being social, snuggled, and loved.

Lilly is called "Lilly Pad" in her foster home. She "talks" to her foster family in a very frog like manner. She makes the most adorable sounds when she is doing this. She also does a front footed crawl when she wants to cuddle with you. When you come home after work, she bounces from one front foot to her other front foot making froggy noises when she sees you. She also loves to watch the front loader washing will keep her entertained for a while. Lilly likes to press her face against yours until you kiss her. She is very, very gassy and likes to look at you like you are grossing her out, but it’s really her!

She is the sweetest dog on the planet. She trusts easily, but with mild hesitation. Once she is comfortable, she is so incredibly happy that it radiates throughout her. She smiles and you can see on her face how much she enjoys her people. She needs a home where she has room to play at night and a family who will be active with her and give her the serious play time that she needs.

Lilly deserves a home where she isn't used to breed puppies but instead is used to spread love and joy. She is incredibly happy, friendly, kind, and sweet. She has the best smile and the most amazing snuggles. Her snores and toots are endearing. She is so happy to be in the mix and deserves a family that is devoted to loving her for the rest of her life.