Lilo in Virginia— ADOPTED!!

Lilo (now Carmen) has been adopted by a wonderful couple who is ecstatic they were chosen to adopt such a special gal! Not only does Lilo have two awesome new parents, she also has a new furry playmate. They are already getting along splendidly and love playing with each other. Everyone at FBV is absolutely thrilled for this family and cannot wait for updates on their journey together!

Lilo is a beautiful brindle pup who was surrendered by her breeder. She has no ongoing health issues. She is leash and crate trained (although she would prefer not to be crated). However, she is only partially housebroken. She likes to spend a lot of time outside before using the bathroom. If you are in a rush and bring her back inside without giving her the time she needs, she will potty in the house.

When she first came into rescue, Lilo did not like anyone going near her bed or touching her toys. She was never fed with the resident dogs based on how she acted about “her things.” These behaviors have improved while in foster care. However, while she has shown improvement, Lilo will still require close monitoring of these behaviors in her forever home.

Lilo is very playful, super loving, and pretty darn smart (she already knows the commands “sit” and “come”). She loves toys and bones and enjoys nice long walks. While she is very active, she is also very laid back…this girl knows when it’s time to “chill” and lounge around on her bed. She enjoys playing with the resident dogs and can hold her own against them even though they are bigger (they are both large pit bulls). Lilo has a dominate personality and is definitely more of a leader than a follower. She can be bossy even with the bigger dogs in the house.

Lilo would love a home with other dogs as she really does love to play. However, she needs a forever home that has other dogs who will be okay with her being bossy. She would prefer a home with a fenced yard; although, this is not a requirement. She also will need someone who is home during the day with her or someone who can provide her with a midday potty break.

This sweet girl deserves a loving home that will give her all the love in the world and dedicate time just for her. She deserves to be looked at as a family member and not just a pet. She is very loving and will only bring joy and happiness to her forever family. She has her quirks (then again who doesn’t), but she is so worth it!

If Lilo sounds like the family member for you, please apply!