Lily Rose in California- ADOPTED!!

This 5-year-old lady is a true head-turner. Lily Rose’s one floppy ear and light-colored fur make her stand out from the crowd, while her hazel eyes hold a depth of emotion that will steal your heart. But don't be fooled by her delicate looks – this mammary cancer survivor has a playful spirit and a zest for life that's as contagious as her sparkling personality.


Lily Rose might greet you with an explosion of attitude, but her love runs deep, not fast. Her initial barks (and attempts to nibble on fingers or clothes) will melt away after 5-10 minutes of ignoring her and letting her find her inner peace. Then she’s all about the sweetest snuggles, leaving you wondering how you ever lived without her.


This lovely lady is good with her bathroom etiquette when kept on a schedule, is crate trained but does not really like being confined, likes to soak her feet in her water bowl after her walks, and – as the self-proclaimed neighborhood protector – is unlikely to be appropriate for apartment living.


Lily Rose is searching for a special home where she can be the apple of someone's eye. Here's what her ideal paw-rents would look like:

  • Experienced dog owners: Lily Rose needs someone who understands Frenchie quirks and can handle her bursts of attitude – particularly on leash or around new people – with gentle guidance and good boundaries.
  • Calm companions: older, dog-savvy children and non-dominant doggie friends are welcomed. Lily Rose thrives in a quieter, predictable environment where she can feel safe, secure, and in-charge.
  • Snuggle enthusiasts: This cuddle bug craves nothing more than cozy nights on the couch, laying on the bed blankets, and getting belly rubs.


If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind furry friend whose equal parts spunky and sweet, Lily Rose might just be your perfect match. Open your heart and home to this special girl, and get ready for a lifetime of Frenchie kisses, playful antics, and endless snuggles.


Bonus points if you:

  • Have a backyard for sunbathing, chasing after balls, and the occasional “stop-drop-and-roll” back scratch.
  • Love to go walking at a heart pumping rate (Lily Rose will strut along with an air of elegance reminiscent of a Hollywood starlet).
  • Work from home or can give her a midday break – Lily Rose is unlikely to be a good office or shop dog given her attitude around strangers.
  • Are up for regular beauty care including wrinkle and ear cleaning, baths when she gets muddy from rolling around, and belly rubs to check her mammaries for bumps.
  • Can provide a lot of toys so Lily Rose doesn’t have to share with the other resident dog, if there is one.


Are you ready to welcome this resilient, loving spirit into your home? Lily Rose is eager to fill your life with laughter, companionship, and, of course, her unique brand of charm.