Livvy in New Jersey– ADOPTED!!

Livvy, who is now Opal, has been adopted! She has gone to live with a fabulous couple and two other dogs. She is truly in an amazing home, and we are certain that she will be completely spoiled. We can’t wait to see the new adventures she has with her forever family....we are certain this feisty girl will give them a run for their money! 🙂

Livvy is a 9-month-old pup who was surrendered by a breeder who realized that Livvy would have special needs and surrendered her. She has hydrocephalus which is water on the brain (a buildup of too much cerebrospinal fluid in the brain). She currently has no complications from her hydrocephalus but will require a yearly check up with a neurologist. She had a previous eye ulcer in her left eye. That eye protrudes a little bit and should be watched carefully for future irritation or injury. She also has a sensitivity to anesthesia. When she was spayed, she needed to see a specialist and needed extra attention and monitoring during the procedure.

Livvy is an active, playful puppy who also enjoys cuddling. She loves playing and sometimes doesn’t know when to stop. This at times annoys her older foster dog siblings. She does not know any commands at this time and would benefit from training classes to work on her manners. She is only partially housebroken. She still has accidents in the house and will eat her poop if not watched closely. She is crated when left alone and does well. At night, she sleeps in bed with her foster family. She does like to wake up early and usually needs a nighttime potty break.

She requires a forever home with a fenced yard. She is leash trained but walks slowly while on leash. She needs a forever person who is home all day or someone who works but can come home at lunch or have a pet sitter/dog walker come to give her a potty break. She has no aggression issues but will try to eat other dogs’ food. She should be fed separately from other dogs.

Livvy loves a good cuddle…demands cuddles actually. She is super cuddly!!! She loves Nylabones and playing with her foster dog sibling. She also enjoys stuffed toys. She loves to explore and zoom around the yard. She is very vocal and will let you know when she is unhappy with a bark or a yodel. When she gets excited, she has the cutest little head wobble.

Here is what Livvy’s foster mom would like to see for her in her forever home:

1.    A family that understands and is educated on hydrocephalus and is prepared to give her a lifetime of care. The family must be prepared to take her for follow up neurology appointments for the remainder of her life.

2.    A playful sibling.

3.    A family who will allow her to sleep in their bed and be on the furniture.

4.    A fenced in yard for her to run in.

5.    Someone who will not leave her for any longer than a few hours at a time until she is completely house trained or a little older.

6.    No apartment or city living. She is skittish around loud noises and is very vocal. She barks, howls and yodels.

She is a sweet and sassy dog wrapped up in the cutest little package. She is smart and active and full of life. She currently shows very little symptoms of hydrocephalus but will need to be monitored for the rest of her life. She is absolutely precious and deserves the best family in the world. If you feel you are that family, please apply.