Lizzie in Pennsylvania– ADOPTED!!

Lizzie has been adopted! She has a wonderful new mom and dad, as well as a human brother and sister. She will be the only dog in her forever home so she will be completely spoiled and loved. She will definitely get all the attention that she deserves! Please join us in congratulating them in becoming a forever family!

Lizzie is a beautiful 1.5-year-old Frenchie who was surrendered because she was becoming aggressive with the other dogs in the house. Lizzie was not spayed at the time and all the other dogs were female too.


Lizzie has no ongoing health issues. She is housebroken, crate trained, and leash trained. She also knows the commands sit, stay and leave it. Lizzie has no preference regarding a fenced yard. She will require someone who is home all day with her, someone who can take her to work or at least someone who provide her with a midday potty break.


Lizzie is very sweet with everyone she meets. She gets very happy and waits for belly rubs and for people to touch her. However, she does have issues with her foster human brothers who are 8 and 12 years of age when they play. The boys will play with toys and pretend play with each other like superheroes, wrestling, etc...well, Lizzie does not care for this. She will growl and go after the toys, especially cars, trying to grab them with her mouth. Also, when the boys try to play with her, sometimes she gets upset and growls. For this reason, she will not be placed in a home with younger children. Children in her adoptive home must be ages 13+ and dog savvy.


Because of the quarantine, her foster home has not been able to take Lizzie out to socialize her with other dogs. However, when they are outside in the front yard, she gets very vocal with other dogs passing by, especially smaller dogs. The reason she was surrendered to rescue was because she didn’t get along with the other female Frenchies in the home. Given her reactivity to dogs passing by her yard and her history of aggression with other dogs, Lizzie would do best as an only dog. However, a home with other dogs may be considered if the family can provide her with STRONG leadership and training.


The ideal home for Lizzie would be a calm one. She seems to startle with sudden noises and actions. She is usually very quiet and calm but there are some things that make her have strong reactions such as barking, lunging and attempting to bite. These things are:

- vacuum
- mops
- broom
- trash bags
- anything with wheels or that slide (cars, bikes, remote control cars, sleds)
- some noises, like scratching noises
- brushing her fur


She does not, however, have any food or toy aggression. Lizzie likes to play with her keeps her busy for a good 20 minutes but only about 3 times a week. She is not a big fan of toys and rarely plays with them. Recently, her foster mom reports that she has shown some interest in one stuffed toy...she doesn’t play with it though. She just grabs it and moves it from one spot to another. She also finally took a little to “fetch” the other day.


She loves to go outside to sit in the grass and on the front porch to watch passersby. She also loves walks, playing in the grass, and sniffing around the yard. When she looks outside the window and sees that it is a nice day, she cries to go out. Her number one thing to do, however, is nap. She loves to take naps with her humans! Lizzie is quite the snuggler and sleeps most of the day.


Lizzie’s foster mom thinks the world of Lizzie and had this to share: “Lizzie is a total love bug...she loves everyone she meets. I love how happy she gets when you call her and when you approach her, she just melts and drops on her back so she can get a belly rub...every single time, all day, every day. She also gets super into rolling in the grass and then suddenly, she realizes someone is watching and acts like nothing happened. It’s the funniest thing ever!”


Lizzie has made quarantine very special for her foster family. She just wants love and cuddles and has been such a wonderful addition to their home. Every day she seems to do something new and cute. Lizzie needs a forever home that will give her lots of attention and make her part of the family. She also desires a person who will help her learn new things and enjoy watching her as she learns. If this lovely lady sounds like the pup for you, please apply!