To Lockett, With Love

It is with great sadness that we announce that our sweet Lockett, of the East Coast 12, has gone to the rainbow bridge. She passed away April 11 after suffering from liver failure. Lockett died peacefully with Greg and I by her side. She would have been 8 years old on May 22.

We adopted Lockett in May 2013 as first time dog owners. She was quiet at first, but soon started showing her personality and Frenchie antics — zoomies around the house, hilarious snorting noises, a stubborn streak, and a proud trot on her leash as passersby would stop to pet her or just say what a little cutie she was.

Although Lockett was only with us for 11 months, what a wonderful time it was! This past year Lockett experienced her first boat ride, her first swim in the Potomac river and running on the beach, a 7th birthday party with friends and a homemade doggie cake, walks around the park, her first Christmas at home with a family, tons of love from both sets of grandparents, countless belly rubs, kisses, snuggles, a couch she basically owned, and so much love and doting we thought our hearts would burst.

We are devastated to lose Lockett so soon; we had been planning to celebrate her 8th birthday and the anniversary of her adoption next month. But we are so grateful for the time we had. Lockett taught us to love and be happy in a way we never imagined was possible.

Lockey, Mommy will most miss our special morning snuggles, hearing your breathing at night, seeing your little face waiting just outside the bathroom door, seeing you hilariously munch your Greenie and carrots, your soft, sweet face, and most of all “Family Snuggle Time.” I do not know what I will do without my little shadow always following me around.

Lock, Daddy will miss carrying you around like the regal girl you were, showing you how beautiful you were in the mirror, and witnessing how you lit up a room. None of life’s curveballs could stop your innate kindness and loving spirit–I remain so very proud of you. You have crossed the rainbow bridge, and I am comforted by wonderful memories we made together as a loving family. Thank you, Mama.

Our dear, sweet Lockett — our babaloo, yabbadabba, butterbean, little franch, little lady, baba mamma, corn chip, catfish, nugget, pork chop, little dobber (you sure had a lot of nicknames!) — mommy and daddy loved you every minute, every hour, every day. We love you still and we will, always. Thank you for making us a family.

We want to thank everyone at the French Bulldog Village, and Lockett’s foster family, for helping her get to us.