Lola in Georgia— ADOPTED!!

Lola has been adopted by a wonderful forever family! She is enjoying life in her new home and is already being very spoiled. We are completely thrilled for all and can’t wait to receive updates!

Lola is a 5-year-old cutie who is being fostered by a Good Samaritan who has asked FBV to help with her adoption to ensure she goes to the perfect home. She had been living in a home with constant change. She had gone from being an only pet in her home to having a human sibling and another dog (an older Pug who passed away) to later having 2 human siblings and two new fur siblings. Her previous owners reported that Lola had always been a bit “persnickety” and had “corrected” the children a couple of times but then one day she bit the 3-year-old child which required a trip to the emergency room for stitches. For this reason, she will ONLY be placed in a home with older (ages 10+), dog savvy children.


Lola is sweet and gentle with adults and children over the age of 10. While in foster care, she has been around some neighborhood children and has had a blast. She was receptive to touch, cuddles and playing fetch and tolerated loud noises and fast motion. She is not toy or food aggressive, nor possessive, with humans. Lola is a bit unpredictable with other dogs, though, so she would do best as an only dog. However, her behaviors may be able to be worked with in a dog savvy home with strong human leaders.


She has a Grade 3 heart murmur which requires an inexpensive medication, Atenolol 25mg. She takes ¼ tablet orally every 12 hours with a meal (which is perfect because she currently eats twice a day…and tends to burp after every meal…. not very ladylike but she doesn’t care). Lola knows three commands, “sit,” “stay,” and “leave it.” She also is housebroken, crate-trained and leash trained. She would prefer a fenced yard; although, it is not a requirement of her forever home. While she wouldn’t mind someone staying with her during the day or providing a midday potty break, this is not a requirement either.


She is a huge snuggler and has become quite fond of her Kong (especially when filled with peanut butter), Nylabones and some squeaky toys. She also really loves her sock monkey toy, Virbac C.E.T. chews, and sunbathing in the yard. Lola is a very low-key dog with bursts of energy and playfulness. She is happiest when snuggled on a couch or bed and when being loved and pet. She truly loves spending time with her family and thrives in a very loving and safe home. The ever-changing atmosphere in her last home seemed too much for this girl. Her foster home believes in time she will be the most amazing pet for the right home.


This little girl has so much love to give and a true want to receive love. She can be that dog that touches your heart and fills a void for one very lucky person/family. She just wants to be loved and deserves a family who will cherish her for the entirety of her life.