London in Virginia- ADOPTED!!

London is HOME! She has a wonderful new family that includes a mom, dad, two human sisters and a doggie brother and sister. London’s forever family has experience with brachycephalic breeds and rescue dogs, so we are certain that London is in great hands. She is so very loved already and has bonded immensely with her doggie brother. Congrats to London on finding her perfect forever!

Hey there everyone! It is me…London. I am here to tell you that I am finally ready to find my forever home! I am a beautiful (if I must say so myself) 2.5-year-old lady and am just as happy and healthy as can be.


I am very timid around new people, especially if they are standing, but I do warm up quickly. I will bark when people enter the home but then retreat to my bed for some chillaxing. I also must stress to you all that I am very sensitive to loud noises and sudden movements. I get startled easily and will cower if I hear raised voices.


I am a sweet and loving girl who is a major couch potato when with my people and perfectly content sleeping next to or in the lap of my humans all day. When I am with other dogs, I am a follower. I will run around and chase my sisters while they play with toys in the yard. I just don’t quite yet understand that I am supposed to be playing with the toys too. Frankly, I am more interested in the chase than the toys! I also really enjoy cuddling with the other dogs. I have done great with the resident Frenchies as well as some larger breed dogs I have met.


I prefer to eat my food in my crate with the door closed. If I am left to eat outside my crate, I have a tendency to walk away to check things out or follow my humans and then this leaves the opportunity for the resident dogs to come steal my food which is so not cool. I can’t help I’m a slow eater!


Let me tell you about my favorite things to do. They include cuddling, getting some scritches and sleeping! These are all necessities if I come live with you. I also don’t mind baths and grooming but that is just cause of all the attention I get from my people during these tasks.


I consider myself to be housebroken. I will go outside and do my business but am on a regimented schedule (morning, afternoon, before bed, and after my morning and nightly feedings). With being on this schedule, I rarely have accidents in the house. On the occasion that I do, it seems to be related to some separation anxiety from my humans (especially if I know they are just on the other side of the door). I am also crate trained and know the commands to sit, down, come and stay.


When my foster family is not home, I am free to roam the house with the resident dogs. At night, I sleep in my dog bed in the bedroom with my humans and the other dogs. I prefer my forever home have a fenced yard as I like to wander the yard when I am out there. I also am still getting used to that thing called a leash. Because I am not so sure about it, I tend to pancake and crawl along the ground when it is on. I am sure I will get better with it, but it is still kind of new for me. I will need a forever home who will help me learn and be patient with me along the way. I need consistency and gentle training with lots of positive reinforcement.


I am a low energy, hip-attached dog and love being with my peeps. I also love to give hugs. Just sit on the floor and put my front paws on your shoulders and I’ll rest my head against you. I may even sneak in a kiss from time to time!