In Loving Memory Of FBV Alumni, Daisy

We received a phone call from Daisy’s owners today that she passed away last night. Daisy was originally surrendered by a family that did not have time for her with the addition of a new baby. Daisy was blessed to find a wonderful forever home that drove a long drive from Delaware to Sc in ordered to make Daisy part of their family. In her new home, she got to accompany her mom to work daily. She was a pet-therapy dog and co worker with her mom who worked with children. She spent the mornings at work and her afternoons were spent with her human sister once she was home from school. Daisy was loved much and we are grateful the family gave so much love to a little dog who was left in search of a home in the latter part of her life. Daisy made an impact on the children she worked with and the family that loved her. Thanks to all who adopt our rescues giving them a second chance. May you rest in peace Miss Daisy.