In Loving Memory of Sweet Dimples

It is with great sadness that we share with you the news that one of the EC-12 girls, Dimples, has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. We take great solace in knowing that these last few months, Dimples knew what it was to really be loved by her foster mom and her new forever home. She along with the rest of the east coast crew had only really begun their lives living as all dogs should – as well loved family members. Most had never experienced life outside of a pen and had not seen the outside world, until they came into The Village. Dimples got to take her first trip to the beach in foster care. Thanks to rescue, her foster family, and her new adoptive family, Dimples lived well during her last days, and was very loved when given a second chance at life…RIP sweet girl.

Here is the touching letter that her family wrote in tribute to their precious Dimples:

“I am writing this tribute with a heavy heart. We adopted our sweet girl Dimples (11.5 years young) from the FBV just over one month ago on August 11, 2013. While I’d fallen in love with this special breed over eight years ago, this was my first Frenchie and she was so special. We bonded immediately and she was always underfoot, usually carrying around her pig’s ear. My 9-year-old pug Sadie accepted her immediately and they often slept side by side at the foot of our bed.

Dimples was doing very well in spite of some significant health issues. Last Friday her appetite decreased by half and she was much less active. I monitored her over the weekend and we headed to the vet on Monday morning for a scheduled follow up exam. The vet discovered that an aggressive and fast growing tumor had developed in her liver and her prognosis was terminal. I drove home with a heavy heart and gave her heaps of love. The next morning her breath was labored and she had difficulty waking up. In consultation with our vet, we made the decision to put her to sleep so she could cross the rainbow bridge. She died in our arms on September 10, 2013.

This girl was amazing – until the end we had no idea the extent of her suffering. She sweet and loving and had such pure and beautiful soul. Everyone who met her was touched by her personality and her life story.

Dimples, we miss you terribly but feel so blessed to have had you as a member of our family, even for such a short time.

With Much Love…Sarah, George and Madeline