Lucy (FKA Kaysi) Update

We received this wonderful update from Lucy’s forever family:


“It’s been one year since we adopted Lucy (Kaysi) and we couldn’t be happier! Her skin has finally adjusted to the TN weather and her allergies are much more controlled now. We had to stop the cytopoint injections as these were causing horrible skin rashes and for Lucy to lose some of her fur. She’s on Tacrolimus eye drops and Apoquel and this seems to be the best combination for her.


She loves hanging with her brother, Winston, and snuggling with anyone who has enough room for her to make herself comfortable. Lucy still hates the vacuum and will wake out of a dead sleep to chase it around the house. We found out recently that she loves to attack the water hose and look forward to letting her play in the sprinklers over the summer.


We love this little girl and thank the French Bulldog Village for choosing us to be her forever home!”


We are so thankful to Lucy’s forever family for giving her so much love and a wonderful home to thrive in. We couldn’t be more thrilled to see how well she is doing!