Lulu in Georgia– ADOPTED!!

Lulu has been adopted by the most amazing family! She has a new mom and dad and numerous kitty and doggie siblings. Her forever mom is a vet tech and has lots of experience with the Frenchie breed so Lulu will be in great hands. Her family is completely thrilled that they were chosen to adopt this little cutie. They love her so much already!

Our tiny and spicy Lulu has made it to the available page!
Lulu is 14 months old, and she came into the rescue at the precious age of 5 months. She was surrendered due to urinary issues (possible recessed vulva) and occasional regurgitation. When she first made it to her foster home she had loose and bloody stools. Her veterinary team put her on a good probiotic, and she has been doing well on that. Her probiotic costs around $50/month and seems to keep the stool issues and regurgitation problems away for the most part.
Lulu is a high energy girl who would do best in a home with no small children and at least another dog that will keep her company and play with her for hours. She is known to out play her foster sister who is a 2-year-old German Shepherd. She loves to play ball in the yard when the weather is nice; she could play for hours. When she’s done playing, she’ll take a quick cat nap in your lap and wake up ready to play all over again!
If you’re squeamish, this girl is NOT the one for you. For a reason we cannot get to the bottom of, Lulu LOVES to eat poop. We have consulted with her veterinary team to see if it’s a malnutrition issue, but they assure us it is not. We even consulted with a behaviorist, and it seems that this is just something her owners will have to deal with. I know what you’re thinking, just pick up the poop! Well, unfortunately it’s not that simple. Lulu has been known to follow closely behind her foster siblings to grab her snack straight from the source. When this happens… that’s when her regurgitation issues kick in and well, that’s a smell that will stick with you for a lifetime.
Lulu can be a bit of a bully when it comes to food, so feeding separately is imperative. She has a pen where she spends her time while her foster parents work. She eats in here and relaxes with no issues. Lulu cannot be left out unsupervised; she has a bit of a naughty streak and loves to find things to try and get into.
Lulu’s urinary issues have seemed to resolve. She had a recessed vulva which has been corrected with her first heat cycle. She was spayed recently, and the doctor thinks she has developed appropriately and will not need surgical intervention. Her foster family cleans her vulva daily to keep it from getting irritated.
This girl is as sweet as she is cute! She may be tiny but she’s full of sass. If she wasn’t a turd burglar, we’d dare say she’s perfect!