Luna in North Carolina— ADOPTED!!

Given Luna’s multiple medical issues, FBV’s Board Members have decided to allow her to stay with her foster family indefinitely. Luna has degenerative kidney disease and is on allergy shots. She also has chronic UTIs likely due to her incontinence and chronic ear infections. She requires daily ear care and sees a urinary tract specialist for her recurrent UTIs. Luna is in wonderful hands with her now forever family. We are thrilled she has been officially adopted by such a loving family!

Luna is a sweet, 3-year-old Frenchie who is being fostered in North Carolina. She has had previous ear hematomas resulting in her floppy ears. She was also suffering from a bad UTI that caused some bladder leaking but this has cleared now. She did have 1 litter of puppies naturally so she may always need to be watched for bladder leakage. She has mild skin allergies, too.

She is very sweet and loves everyone! Please stay tuned for updates on this precious girl!