Mabel in Maryland– ADOPTED!

Mabel is home!! She was adopted by an amazing family. She has a wonderful mom, dad, and grandma with whom she lives. She also has a cute new Frenchie brother! Her parents worked very hard to slowly introduce the two pups to ensure the two got along well together. Well, you can see from the photos that their hard work paid off! The pups get along and the humans are absolutely in love with Mabel! Such a success story….we couldn’t ask for more.

Mabel is a sweet 1.5-year-old gal who is looking for her forever home!! She came to FBV after being dropped off at another rescue by a gentleman who said he was moving. She came to us with very little information and no medical records. She also was painfully skinny and very scared. She is a healthy weight now and has no ongoing medical issues.


She lives in her foster home with other dogs as well as cats. Although she gets along with other animals, she is very protective of her foster mom. When the resident dogs want to cuddle with mom, she will occasionally go after them and has bitten one of them before (no blood was drawn, though). This is becoming less frequent as time goes on, but she is best suited as an only dog or with other dogs in a family with a strong leader. She does not try to hurt the cats in the house but does want to play with them. On walks, she seems prey driven with birds and squirrels. She also seems to have a clear preference for men but warms up to women after a little while.


Mabel is a high energy, young dog who is very alert to sounds which results in frequent barking episodes. Her foster mom is working on getting her to be calmer to lessen this barking. Mabel walks pretty well on leash with her harness, but when she sees another dog, she barks and pulls very hard on the leash. She has no food or toy aggression and while she will bark at new people, she has never shown any aggression toward them.


She is housebroken when kept on a regular walk schedule. She does best when walked every 3-4 hours throughout the day. Mabel does not notify her people that she has to go out, so inattention does cause some accidents. She has never had an accident, however, in her crate after the first night that crate training began.


Mabel loves Nylabones and the little squeaky toys that come in Barkbox. She does not seem to be fond of balls and doesn't understand fetch. Every morning when her foster mom opens the crate, Mabel bursts out and is so joyful. Her little bottom wiggles in such a fun way.


An ideal home for Mabel is one where she is the only dog and the center of attention for her parents. She should get frequent walks or have a place to run due to being young and full of energy. She's good in the car and would love to go on adventures with her new family.


She has really come out of her shell since being in foster care and is now very loyal. She is probably the smartest Frenchie that has been fostered by her foster family and should be easy (for a Frenchie) to train. She wants to please and is very food motivated. Mabel is as sweet as can be and most people who meet her fall instantly in love.