Magnolia in North Carolina– ADOPTED!!

Maggie has been adopted by an amazing couple! She had such an epic adventure moving from NC to Canada. She stole hearts every step of the way....the Air Canada pilots came over to introduce themselves to Maggie at the gate and asked her and her new parents to visit them in the cockpit. They also gave Maggie an honorary Canada pin because she is now a dual citizen!! Her new momma had this to say about Maggie, “She is perfect. I am so happy; my heart is full!” We couldn’t have asked for a better home for Maggie....she is one lucky little lady.

Magnolia (aka Maggie) is a 6-month-old little cutie pie! She was turned into rescue due to a birth defect...she was born with no eye spheres. She came into rescue at 8 weeks old.

Besides being blind, she has no ongoing health issues. She has been cleared by an ophthalmologist and a neurologist. Maggie tends to get hot easily in hot, humid weather and hates the rain! She does not know any commands, but she is leash trained.

She is not housebroken and will require consistent potty breaks and someone who is home all day or someone who works but can provide her with a midday potty break. She does pretty good when she goes out every 2 hours. It can take her some time to go poop, though, so patience is key. She does some circling which you will learn to watch... she circles get tighter when she has to potty. She is very treat motivated so this will definitely help with training.

Miss Mags needs a playmate...another dog sibling to help her get around and get her energy out. She loves to play!! A fenced yard in her forever home to explore would be ideal but is not required. However, she does need a forever person who believes in kennels (no exceptions). She is happy in her kennel but will still have accidents in it. She also loves her pack ‘n play.

Maggie can jump like a rabbit. If she thinks your hands are above her, she will bounce straight up... not caring what is above her. She really loves hands! She learned right away that the hands were her human, so she prefers to play with them. She needs a strong human to keep teaching her to play bite easy and to stop when it’s time to stop. She also likes hard things like hair clips and bottle caps. It is not easy to get her to play with dog toys.

Maggie loves anyone and anything that will play with her. She has an amazing character. She is submissive but a fearless bundle of energy. Due to being born blind, she will investigate anything and everywhere. Her adoptive home should essentially be baby proof.

She sees with her nose and ears. You open a bag of chips in the other room and she will know it. Maggie is an overzealous eater, likely from having to fight for food as a litter mate, but she has shown no negative traits at all with this.

Maggie is very special. She didn’t ask to be brought into this world and must navigate it in the dark. She deserves a human that will devote every day to her, same as if she was a human child. If Magnolia sounds like the pup for you, please submit an application.