Margarita in South Carolina- ADOPTED!

Margarita is with her forever family and loving all the attention she is getting. She has an awesome new mom and dad, as well as an adult human sister and a Frenchie sister. Margarita’s family is already madly in love with her and is spoiling her galore! We are absolutely thrilled for this new family! We hope they share many wonderful memories together.


Who doesn’t want to spend their days in Margaritaville? Well, here’s your chance - Margarita has made her way to the available page!


Margarita is 4.5 years old and is 22lbs of sugar, spice - and everything sassy! She is a pretty healthy girl. She had some itchy allergies when she first came into rescue, but the new food she’s eating seems to have turned things around for her! Margarita is not fully housebroken yet - but it’s a work in progress. She understands she is supposed to do her business outside but will not wait long at the door before finding somewhere to eliminate; she will find the closest rug and leave a not so pleasant gift.


Margarita has been resource guarding her favorite human - she needs a leader who can read dog cues and nip this behavior in the bud at the get-go. It’s easy to give into her every whim with such a cute face, but her foster family found she is in need of structure and to learn independence to make her a happy dog. It will be important for her furever family to set the tone and not coddle her when she is first adopted. She latches onto one human and will guard them from other dogs. Her foster family has been working with a trainer and her behavior has much improved; we are happy to pass on the trainer contact and effective training measures to her new family. Margarita seems to get nervous around louder dogs and likes to play with dogs that are around her size.


Her favorite place to be is the fenced-in backyard. She loves to romp around, run racetrack like laps and roll in the grass. She loves to chew bones in the sunshine and give chase to her fur foster siblings. Margarita needs a securely fenced in backyard; she is known to be a bit of an escape artist and if there is an out - she’s going to take it. Margarita also loves to run laps around the house; she zooms through, and everyone just moves out of her way! Once she gets tired, she throws herself on her back in front of her foster siblings to get them to play. Her forever family will need to be diligent in keeping her contained as she will try to run out the front door given the chance and can get through a baby gate given enough time.


She spends her days going to work with her foster parents. She much prefers to be with her people, so she would prefer a forever home that can spend LOTS of time with her. She doesn’t like to be confined and isn’t afraid to show it. It is definitely something that has improved with time, but her forever family will have to keep working with her. Her foster family keeps her in a bedroom with the door closed; she does not tear anything up, but she will cry some when you first leave. If her family works out of the home, she will need a mid-day break to continue helping with her house training.


Margarita gives the best snuggles in all of the land. She loves to be the little spoon and snuggle her people at night in bed; she said that’s a MUST for her new parents! She loves to be held like the little baby that she is and will find a way to get to you to smother you in snuggles. At night, she will curl up onto your neck like a tiny kitten, then snore like a grizzly. It’s loud yet endearing. Frenchie lovers understand! She loves to snatch up stuffies from around the house and make a pile of them; she moves them from one room to the other and lays beside them.


Margarita elicits smiles from everyone she meets. She bunny hops and bounces around and is always ready to be on the go. She is just looking for someone to love her fully - and shower her in love and affection. Is that you!?