Margot in Colorado— ADOPTED!!

Way to go are home!! Margot has been adopted by a wonderful forever family. She has a great new mom and dad, a human sister and a grandpa! She also has numerous pet siblings to hang with....what more could a girl ask for. We know Margot is going to have the best life and are so happy for her and her forever family!


Oh, Miss Margot...she needs her own theme song. There is a lot of personality packed into this pint-sized puppy. Margot was surrendered by her owner due to her special needs. She has juvenile idiopathic epilepsy and is on 6 prescription anti-seizure medications, four times a day. Her epilepsy definitely doesn't slow her down...she is a very busy puppy!


Margot is a very confident, outgoing Frenchie. She makes friends with every man and beast she meets, whether they want to be her friend or not (such is the case with cats). Margot has 2 foster brothers. She has learned to respect their corrections of her behavior when she gets to be a little extra during playtime. She would definitely benefit from having a dog sibling in her new home to roughhouse with and to continue showing her how to be a productive and well-balanced member of dog society.


She would also benefit from someone who is home during the day or is able to come home for her afternoon meds. She may not be the best fit for an apartment or condo if she's home alone without her peeps as Margot can be quite chatty. She has a lot to say! She would prefer an adoptive home with a fenced yard, but it is not required. She is only partially housebroken but is crate and leash trained. She also knows the commands sit, stay and come.


She enjoys short walks around the block a few times a week. She won’t be power walking through the neighborhood, or running any 5k's, anytime soon. Hanging out in the backyard irritating the squirrels and chewing on sticks is more her speed. Margot loves chewing on anything and everything...she really loves Nylabones!


Now on to the serious and medical side of Margot...her epilepsy. As mentioned, Margot is on a host of medications (which she takes very well with food) to manage her seizures. She will need to followed by a veterinary neurologist, and her adopter will become very well acquainted with the neurologist and staff with all her follow-up visits to see them. Her current medication schedule is 6am, 2pm, 6pm and 10pm. Of course, this can be adjusted to fit your daily schedule, but she needs to have her medications on time (within 30-45 minutes of their scheduled time but life does occasionally get in the way) EVERYDAY for the rest of her life. Some of her medications make her drowsy and cause a lack of coordination resulting in her dragging her feet and wearing down her nails.


The eventual goal is to wean Margot off a few of these medications within the next year or so. She'll also need annual bloodwork to check her medication levels. Currently, her foster mom weighs her every 2 weeks and reports her weight to her neurologist so that medications can be adjusted if she has a big growth spurt. Hopefully, once she's done growing her medications won’t have to be adjusted as frequently, and as you get the routine down, it doesn't seem so overwhelming.


Margot is an amazing little dog and her personality is everything...she's pretty special! Don't let those cute little Chicklet teeth and tongue fool you; she's a feisty little potato. Her lifetime medications and veterinary visits are a must to consider when deciding if she's the best fit for your family. If you feel you can manage her medical issues and can devote to her all the love and care she needs, please apply!