Max in Colorado– ADOPTED!!

Max, now Winston, has been adopted! He has an amazing new dad who is absolutely smitten with him already. He will be living in WA and will be an only dog. He is surely to get a ton of attention which this handsome boy so deserves! Congratulations Winston on finding your forever home.


Max is a two-year-old California boy who hitchhiked his way to colorful Colorado. He started to have seizures close to his second birthday, and his previous owners could not care for a dog that had seizures, so they lovingly surrendered him to FBV. The phrase "Home is wherever I'm with you" describes this doggo to a 'T.'


Max is a gigantic lovebug, oddball who just enjoys being in the presence of others. He is a mild temperament dog that would make a loving addition to any home. Max appreciates chasing his five-year-old human foster bro around and playing tug of war with him. He is very patient with small humans but may do better in a home with older children who understand dogs. He is a very big guy who doesn't care about getting into others' personal spaces or near a food item close by that doesn't belong to him. This is mainly because he thinks all food belongs to him and all space is his personal space. "Su Casa is Mi Casa"- Max (probably)


In his foster home, Max has been with dogs big and small. A rough player…he would do better in a house with dogs that are larger than him or don't mind being the bottom of the mosh pit. Max lived in a home without many dominance issues, so it is unclear if he has a dominant personality. Max would do well with being a single dog if the family is present and enjoys engaging with their dog or another dog in the home with which he can play.


This chonky boy LOVES to play tug of war and utilize chew toys like Nylabones. He could spend hours playing tug of war with anyone who cares to take on this champion. Max loves food and is really motivated by any morsel that might make its way into his mouth. Max is a smart boi who knows how to "sit" and "down" and could learn more tricks for those who have the patience to train him. Walking on a leash is a breeze for a good doggo like him, and he has a cute prance when he is strutting down the sidewalk. Max is a bit overweight (at 37 pounds) and likes his body the way it is, but the vet says that his perfect healthy weight is a few pounds lighter. He has bursts of energy with his foster dog brother and does enjoy going on 2-mile walks (in the winter, so it is cooler-- it is much shorter in the summer). Max loves being near people at all times (as his foster mom wrote this, he was snoring under her feet) and is an extreme snuggler.


"Thirsty boi" would be the phrase to describe this fella's water intake. He drinks A LOT of water due to his medication, and if you are not watching him closely, he will go potty in the house. His cue that he is up to no good is walking away from his people, but he does not whine or scratch to go out. Due to Max needing to go out multiple times throughout the day, a home with a yard is preferred but not required. If no yard, his family must understand his need to go potty often. When it comes to making a number two, occasionally, Max gets poop on his bottom that sometimes requires a wipe to keep clean. If not, there will be poop on your couch (and no one wants that). Max does not need someone home with him all the time, but if he could choose, he would be able to go everywhere with his person. Separation from people leads to whining, barking, and, one time, chewing on an end table. Crating is not an issue for this chonker who settles down quickly for extended periods and sleeps nightly in his crate. Routine is something Max enjoys, and once established, he can handle separation with no disruptive noise.


For his seizures, Max is on two different medications to help control them. He will require consistent monitoring (including bloodwork) to ensure his medications are in therapeutic measures and knowing what other drugs he cannot take (i.e., certain flea/tick medications and heartworm). This little king is on a prescription diet designed for dogs with neurological needs. It is essential that his permanent family immediately establish his care at the veterinarian to avoid disruption in his medications and food and understand the costs associated monthly with these. His most recent neurological specialist exam recommended a switch in both his seizure medications as well as his heartworm prevention medication.


Max has had many homes within his short two years…not due to anything he did. He deserves a permanent place to land with someone who won't mind that he is kind of a weirdo who occasionally has seizures. If this sounds like your family, we encourage you to apply for Max. He will fill your home with so much love, fun, and of course, Frenchie toots and snores that it will all be worth it.