Maya in Virginia– ADOPTED!!!

Maya has been adopted by an amazing new mama!! She is an only dog so is getting all the loving and attention that a gal deserves. She and her mom are truly ecstatic that they have found each other. Join us in congratulating the two!


Meet beautiful 3-year-old Maya! She originally came to FBV after her owner passed away and she was found to not get along with the resident female dog of a friend who took her in. So far in foster care, she has been a dream. She has done well meeting other dogs with a slow introduction. This will be a requirement for her new home to practice as well. She can get very rambunctious with small animals and kids, so we recommend her going to a home with older children only.  


Maya is very sweet, happy and well behaved. As she gets more comfortable, she becomes very playful. She loves playing fetch and with stuffed toys as well as chewing on bully sticks and going for walks. She also likes to lounge around, nap, and get belly rubs. A short stroll with some play sessions every day is all she needs. She is very smart, attentive, treat driven, and eager to please; she is quite trainable. She is a typical alpha Frenchie female, especially around other animals. She will do best in a home without other dogs but may do okay in a home with a submissive dog and experienced owners…those who know how to manage behavior issues. She has a prey drive and likes to bark at things that make a lot of noise such as the vacuum or blender. A fenced yard is preferred since she may chase things.  


Maya is a smart cookie and listens well to her person. She knows the commands to sit, stay, leave it and come, and she rides well in the car. She is also housebroken, crate trained, and leash trained. 


She is healthy except for issues with allergies which her new home will have to help her manage. She will need her feet wiped every time she comes in from outside or she may excessively lick her feet. She may also roll around and scratch her back. Expect to bathe her more often and be prepared to continue to feed her the high-quality pet food she is currently on. She will probably require allergy medication for life such as Cytopoint injections and Apoquel.  


Some things her foster mom loves about her are:

  • She has a funny way of sitting, like a person, with her back feet sticking out front.
  • She will stare directly at you with her wise eyes, like no dog her foster mom has ever seen.
  • She is full of personality!


Maya is so sweet, loving and playful…just the right combination of energy and laziness. She is also smart, healthy, sometimes puppy-like, goofy and full of personality. Some say she is the perfect dog. She deserves someone who will love her to death, play with her, take her on walks and give her belly rubs.