Memorial for Bodhi

Dear Village,

It breaks our hearts to make this post. Bohdi, formerly Butch of the Georgia Gang, passed over the rainbow bridge. Below is a sweet message from his family. Fly high sweet boy!

“On Christmas Eve, our sweet little Bodhi suffered a series of seizures. We rushed him to the ER where he had another seizure. They could not stop them and we had to put him to sleep to end his suffering. He died in our arms knowing he was with his family and deeply loved. In the 2.5 months he shared with us since the adoption, we gave him as much “good time” as we could pack in. For those friends who followed Bodhi’s FB page, you saw how much he enjoyed his new life and fearlessly plunged into all the new experiences with a smile on his face (and lot of pig noises). He loved his daily buggy rides around the neighborhood, walking on the beach, going out to dinner, to the park, shopping, riding in the car with the top down, meeting people, kids, other dogs and even Santa. He was getting stronger and walking better thanks to the loving care of his therapists Marjie Wenger and Dr. Richard Funk. After everything this little guy went through for 9 years, he certainly deserved better than just a few months of happiness. But we are so grateful to have had that time to love on him, care for him, and help him to feel good to be alive. This is extra hard for us as we just lost our Jerry in May. But what Steve already knew and what I have learned through rescuing Bodhi, is that the best thing we can do to honor our dogs lives is to save someone else. So we will look forward to sharing that puppy dog with you when the time comes. Until then, a big hug and thank you to all those who welcomed Bodhi into their hearts, both in person and virtually through his FB posts. Your support and encouragement meant the world to us!”