Memorial for Chica

July was a sad month for FBV. We learned of the passing of another of our alumni dogs. At the end of July, Chica’s loving forever family had to make the difficult decision to allow her to cross over the Rainbow Bridge. Here are some beautiful words her forever mom shared with FBV:


“This week has been tough and today one of our hardest days ~ we found out Chica had lymphoma and she is now in Heaven. We rescued her just a year and a half ago from French Bulldog Village (so grateful they picked us to care for her SO grateful) and she has been our sweet girl since. She was Harlo’s bestie and truly the sweetest baby girl doggie ever. There is such a quiet void in our home this morning but she is breathing easy and we know bossing all the boy dogs around up there. We will miss her following us around the house sounding like a grandma in slippers, her bitey kisses, her wet snorts, her need to be touching us at all times (she layed on my feet while I worked all day,) the fact that no matter where she was or what she was doing if the pantry door opened the slightest crack- she was jumping off the couch and over furniture to get there. There are so many things I could say about her and her effect on our family. We gave her two walks (one final in our beloved Meadow ) 3 golf cart rides (she loved that )tons of treats and snacks. She went peacefully and with a full belly. We are lucky to have had her.”


It is completely obvious how loved Chica was....her forever family gave her the best final days a pup could ask for and for that FBV is forever grateful. We send them much love and know that Chica is waiting for them at the end of the Bridge.