Memorial for FallonBoyd


BIS BISS CH Justjackpot Margaux of LeJardin, CD,BN,RN,THD, CGC

Oct 30, 2004 – June 18, 2018

FallonBoyd, her name means Golden Leader, and she was truly that! She was her family’s Blonde Bombshell, Golden Girl, Demanding Diva and Sweetest Soul!!

She was a tyrant when it came to her meals; there had to be acceptable snacks given at HER determined hours or you would hear the wrath of Fallon. She loved to go for rides but ONLY in her car seat; after all crates were for dogs!!

Fallon blessed the world with three beautiful litters…she was a great Mom as long as there was a Nanny to clean the puppies. She would feed them and play with them but HIRE THE NANNY was her war cry when it came to cleaning the babes! Of course, her family did as told! Her babies graced the show rings with great success.

After she retired from both the show ring and the whelping pen, Fallon cast her eyes about for a new career and family. She chose Sally Montgomery and Richard Calkins and moved her treasure to their house. Fallon went to the 2015 National in Louisville and garnered a glass trifle bowl for her Sweepstakes class win! She took great pains to let Sally know she was NOT handling the ring etiquette correctly, as she would reset herself every time Sally stacked her!!

Sadly, age catches up with all of us but everyone felt Fallon had so much life left to live. In November 2017, she had a studio sitting with Tom Weigand Winning Image (they did her ad campaign) and her photo looks like a young girl not a senior citizen at 13!! The seizures started late last year and then disappeared. But they came back with a vengeance in June and the medicine stopped working. It was time to make the decision no one ever wants to make, but Sally and Richard did the best for her as they have always done. She left this world taking the love and part of all the hearts of her dear loved ones. She gave to this world so many pups, who look so much like her, that although we feel empty we are not without her.

“If it should be that I grow frail and weak, and pain should keep me from my sleep, then you must do what must be done, for we know this battle can’t be won.”

Somehow she did win the battle and is reunited with those that went before and is waiting for those to come. Never to be forgotten, FallonBoyd!!