Memorial for Sponge

Alum (2012/2013) Sponge sadly passed away last month. This lovely memorial was written by a member of her forever family —


“It is with an enormously heavy heart that I am writing this, and as much disbelief as I am still in, Sponge--- my Little Woo, Grandma Woofle, Tiny Dancer, Little Leading Lady, My Wee Lamb, My Angel Pants--- has unfortunately crossed the rainbow bridge.


Sponge was a feisty 14 years old and she put up one hell of a fight to the end. I found Sponge from French Bulldog Village in 2014. She was rescued with about 11 other Frenchies. We knew she was perfect for us and that we could spoil her rotten the way she deserved to be spoiled. We drove numerous states away to get this special little lady because she was perfect for us, and we were perfect for her. I don’t remember much from the journey back home after we got her, but I remember she was my girl and I was hers, and I didn’t want her to leave my arms. (We also learned right away that her favorite road snacks were chicken tenders and plain hamburgers, no bun).


About 4 years ago, she had gotten cancer on the top of her head. She had surgery and the vet said that if she made it without getting cancer immediately again, to count every day as a blessing. Every extra day was a gift with her. We got an extra 4 years with this little stinky nugget of sunshine and it was the best 4 extra years that I’ll cherish forever. Sponge loved to sleep in bed with me (and take up half of my king bed), and she would snuggle under the covers because she never wanted to be cold. She would wake up in the morning with the biggest smile, and so happy to be awake and to be greeted and to greet me and mom. She would let you know when she wanted something or when she was displeased. She was the best little old lady I have ever met, and she taught me so much.


People always say losing a pet sucks, but man. This really friggin sucks. This still seems pretty surreal and I really don’t like it. I love you, my little Angel Pants Woo. Thank you for everything and thank you for keeping Memere company.”


RIP sweet Sponge! You are gone but obviously will never be forgotten. It is very apparent how much your family loves you and we can see why. You sound like you were one special gal.