Memorial for Peanut

Denise Belair writes:

It is so sad to share that I lost my beloved Peanut the morning of May 15th.  I helped her cross the Rainbow Bridge peacefully in my arms.

It has been my honor and pleasure to be chosen to nourish this beautiful soul since driving to Buffalo to adopt her from the Village on October 2, 2010.

I had watched the French Bulldog Rescues for a long time  waiting for the “right” dog. “Princess Peanut” was her moniker at the FBV site, in a silly video made by a wonderful breeder, rescue supporter and Web Guru, which showed her doing her bouncy dance.  Part of Peanut’s story is she was so viciously attacked by other dogs in her run they tore her face off.  She was put back together, but the damage was done.  When I saw Peanut’s story I knew we were meant to be together.  The Universe agreed.

From the moment I held her in my arms I loved her.  I know love was the instrument that helped her come out and be part of the world after hiding herself so well we thought she was visually and hearing impaired when I adopted her.  Her way of dealing with her life as a neglected, malnourished backyard breeder was to go inside her head where it was safe–long moments of being totally unresponsive to the outside world.  I feel so blessed to have had the experience of seeing her come out of herself and find joy – knowing she was loved.

Peanut was never what I’d come to expect a dog to be; she didn’t care about other dogs, had no use for strolls around the block, wasn’t a cuddler, didn’t know what to do with a ball or toy, didn’t freely give kisses or heel or sit on command.  My dad used to say, “She just doesn’t think the way we do.”

Instead, Peanut found great joy in a spot of sun, whether the temperature was 32 degrees or 72 degrees, she loved sunshine.  Her next favorite spot was next to her loving person, me.  I held her and told her I loved her every morning.  Each day after breakfast I tended to her broken ear, weepy eyes, the parts of her that still showed the signs of neglect.  She slept beside me every night since I first brought her home, after protesting LOUDLY when I put her in her crate to sleep. (what was I thinking?)  She was such a gentle soul, sweet, patient, tolerant, calm and good natured.   I’ve been so blessed.

I love you itty bitty, baby bear.  Godspeed over that Rainbow Bridge – you are in great company sweet girl.

Thank you for watching over me when I needed you most.  I will miss you always.